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Unless one suffers from depression it is difficult for the rest of us to understand the constant problems they battle day to day.

When the beloved Robin Williams who has a history of depression and drug/alcohol problems committee suicide the world was shocked. Yet when we look back we can recall many of our friends and people we know who suffered through depression and ended their life. Their are almost 40,000 suicides a year almost 800 a day in this country.

An addict is at risk 3 times more to commit suicide than a person who just has depression. Many times those with the most out going personalities are the ones fighting depression.

Some have said it is selfish for one to take their life but when they are in that state their minds are not function normally.

The medical field has come a long way in the treatment of depression. Normally all long as people stay on their meds they can live a pretty normal life. Unfortunately for some when they are feeling better they think they are cured and the come off their meds and their problems.

My sympathies go out to all of those who suffer with this disorder.


With the onslaught of younger immigrants coming into the country illegally and being placed in homes or shelters the cry’s have intensified “they are going to put a burden on society”, the same voices heard along the years as Mexicans cross the borders wanting a better life in the U.S.

This group of people have been accused or living off our government, including medical care, schooling for their kids and other benefits.

Yet I don’t hear the same criticism of those born in this country who are living off the government like generations of their families, parents, grandparents, great grandparents and even their siblings.

All I have to say about the Mexicans crossing our borders is they are mostly working, and working the dirtiest jobs that no lazy-assed welfare sucking American will touch.

They are taking jobs in agriculture, working the fields in hot miserable weather, processing plants. landscaping, another out door job working in all the elements, helpers in contractors businesses, and other non-menial jobs.

I’d rather supplement those who work, than those who choose not to.


The so-called Big 5 Power Conference colleges have agreed to pay a cash stipend to their athletes, ranging from $2-5,000 per player, spending money, snacks, movies, etc.

Revenue for these Big 5 Power colleges have increased 91% over the past few years due to heavy TV revenue, so they are flush. This move gives them a definite advantage over the smaller colleges who don’t receive the TV revenue and the exposure to the public.

It’s no secret, although illegal that some colleges assign prominent alumni as ‘sponsors’ to certain players who make sure the stars have a nice vehicle to ride in, nice clothes, and a ‘quiet’ stipend.

I guess getting a free college education worth thousands, which many high school football players would die for to get a chance to play college football, and maybe a shot at the pros isn’t enough anymore.

What’s next?


Although I disagreed with many of the policies of the first George Bush administration, he did something, which at the time I thought stupid, but prevailed to prove him to be a man of common sense.

After he drove Sadum Hassam and his Presidential guard back to the Iraq borders, he withdrew American troops and stopped the short war. Many including myself wondered why he didn’t finish off the dictator.

When questioned, the senior Bush stated the way Iraq was divided by different regions, different people with different beliefs, had he taken over the government the country would revolt and have civil war.

Too bad his son, junior Bush didn’t heed dad’s advice, instead he, Chaney and Rumsfeld wanted to finish what senior Bush started. WRONG!!

after Obama cleaned up junior’s mess and restored “DEMOCRACY” to people who never knew what the word meant, today Obama announced he was sending in a small task force in an effort to restore order. Ain’t gonna happen bud.

Ike did the same in Viet Nam, starting with a small task force which escalated under Presidents Kennedy and Johnson.

When is this country going to learn you can’t force democracy or human rights on people who have lived under dictators and a inhumane society their entire life? This confirmation costs this country billions, and a debt we’ll never be able to repay, plus over 3000 loss of American lives, and thousands more maimed and will never have e normal life.

Mr. President stay out of this issue, we can’t win; worry about the problems in this country.


Unofficially we have been told Murray Hoy Ed.D second and current president of Wor-Wic Community College has turned down the offer to succeed Dr. Olando George as President of DelTech College.

We were told Hoy refused the financial package presented to him by the college and both he and DelTech were unable to reach an agreement.

The number two choice and current acting president Mark Brainard who served as VP under George is in negotiations for the position.

Possibilities are Wor-Tech counter offered to keep Hoy, and with that offer, in consideration of having to work out of Dover or maybe having to move; his wife active in the Salisbury community, he changed his mind.

An official announcement is expected tomorrow, Friday.



In a surprise move the current president of Wor-Wic Community College in Salisbury was named the 5th president of Delaware Technical Community College, succeeding Dr. Orlando George who is retiring.

Murray “RAY” Hoy, Ed.D. the second president of Wor-Wic was chosen by the Board of Trustees at a special board meeting yesterday, resulting from a search begun in March; Dr. Hoy was chosen from 20 candidates. Dr. Hoy has been president at Wor-Wic since 2000.

I say surprising because when George announced his retirement, vice-president of the campus, Mark Bainer was a sure successor to become president, even being paraded around by Dr. George. It was considered a done deal.

What happened will be interesting to find out. Dr. Hoy has an excellent background in education; Bainard is an attorney, has worked for Governor Minner, and has served as VP for DelTech for just a few years.


• A series of cold frontal boundaries will move into the region Wednesday-Friday. Tropical moisture moving north is expected to intersect with these boundaries, producing showers and thunderstorms, mainly Thursday afternoon into Friday.

• Showers and thunderstorms could be slow moving with heavy rainfall. Some flash flooding is possible where thunderstorms stall or train over the same regions.

• An area of low pressure now forming off the southeast US coastline is likely to become a tropical system within the next 48 hours according to the National Hurricane Center. The interaction of this system with the aforementioned fronts could lead to an enhanced heavy rain threat.

• There is still some uncertainty with the track of this low pressure system. However, a majority of the data suggests an eventual northerly track to the Carolina coastline before curving northeast off the Mid-Atlantic coastline.

• Depending on the eventual track of this low, winds and tides may be of concern, especially Thursday and Friday.

• Rip currents will also be a major threat throughout most of the July 4th holiday weekend.

• This is NOT Super Storm Sandy. No landfall is expected in New Jersey or Delaware. However…heavy rain, winds, tidal and fresh water flooding, rip currents, and heavy surf are possible as we head into a major holiday weekend. Stay tuned for the latest information at


With revenue falling and state spending higher, Delaware’s Joint Finance Committee has come up short funding Governor Jack Markell’s $3.8 BILLION DOLLAR budget.

But fear not my fellow taxpayers, government always finds a way to find money. Not by cutting expenses but by shifting money around to pay and screwing state employees for important budget expenses.

The budget minds used tobacco settlement reserve funds to fund a children’s insurance program and a bond premium and an $8.6 million debt payment.

They saved $5 million by delaying a raise for state workers until Jan. 1. They passed a $500 across-the-board raise. Markell had recommended a 1 percent raise beginning July 1.

Markell wanted to raise the gasoline tax by 10 cents per gallon because the highway trust fund was busted. Must not be too busted at they took $40 million earmarked for road and bridge improvements to balance the budget.

When our checkbooks say we don’t have any money left in the account, we stop spending, or most of us do. Not having enough money doesn’t deter government from spending; you just raise taxes.

Although businesses are struggling corporate franchise taxes were raised $100, raising $18 million to balance the budget.


The State of Delaware is playing the shell game borrowing money they don’t have, and promising to pay it back not knowing if they will have the money to pay back the debt.

Almost $10 million in aid next year for the state’s three casinos has passed the state senate including another bill that gives similar relief in the future.

The nearly $10 million made a magical appearance during tough budget times to hand over to the casinos.

Money, $3 million came from the state’s strategic fund, money used to lure or keep industries in Delaware; $3.2 million from the new jobs infrastructure fund which was reserved for the Kent Count Regional Sports Complex and an additional $1 million in unallocated money from the infrastructure fund, which is usually used to new businesses or those businesses wishing to expand.

The sponsor of the bills, Sen. Brian Bushweller, D-Dover said the stated language in the bill says that money will be restored in 2016. Not the language; will vs must. If legislative language says ‘will’ it does not commit legislation to abide by that language; ‘Must’ means the bill has to be enforced.

Thus the state is hoping for a windfall in 2016 to repay the loans. The bill passed 14-4 in the Senate and now goes to the House.

Another red flag is the casino’s threat is they didn’t receive $20 million they would probably have lay offs. Since they only received $10 million President and CEO of Dover Downs Gaming and Entertainment and Dover Motor-sports Inc. now says any decision about staffing will come after discussions with banks that must renegotiate loans width the casino and hotel.

So taxpayers…screwed again.

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