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What are we nuts, our military is not allowed to bomb certain areas in Iraq and Syria because of civilians living in those areas in so called protective zones?

I would think if I was a terrorist that’s exactly where I would hide. I say if those ‘civilians’ are willing to put up with the extremists they are as guilty of the killings as the terrorists are.

It never bothered Harry Truman where the civilians were when he bombed Japan. He ended that war with two shots, bang it was over. Obama is a nice person, sympathetic to the welfare of people, but sometimes to carrying.

Mr. President we can’t have it both ways; be nice and have people crap over us.

This country sometimes is to extreme when it comes to human rights and not consistent. We stick out nose in almost every country without our type of democracy, yet allow China with their radical control over their population to go scott free and treat their people inhumane.

We’re playing with our butt if we pick and choose where to bomb our targets. We need an all out effort from our military to destroy street by street, civilians and terrorists.

Then their won’t be any questions whether we should put boots on the ground. If terrorists know this country means business only then will we have peace.

And another note, when we locate terrorists, no need for handcuffs; shoot and answer questions later. Behead a couple of their people and film it for the world to see.

I am not a radical person, but I do believe in an eye for an eye.


Nothing irks me more than seeing drivers with a damn phone to their ear knowing Delaware has a law banning cell phones while driving; like they are openly defiant of the law and don’t give a hoot.

During the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 Delaware police cracked down on this offense with a federally funded campaign to curb distracted driving along with a media campaign saying if a driver was found with a phone in one hand while driving their other hand would have a ticket.

Despite the push on phone use, there is still 127 phone call related crashes thus far this year. From driving, women seem to be the worst offenders using a cell phone, and men driving work vehicles, which may be related to work. But what did we do before cell phones; we waited until we found a phone booth or until we returned home.

I was a victim of an inattentive driver; I was stopped at a turn lane in Salisbury and this kid was coming from behind. I saw in my rear view mirror he was on the phone and not looking ahead. I never stop close to the car in front of me in the event I am rear ended.

I told my wife to hang tight, put my right arm across her body and prepared for the slam, which I received; not a good feeling. But I did not hit the vehicle in front of me. I never fail to look in my rear view mirror when stopped at a light.

I’m also appalled at the number of State Troopers I see on their cell phones. I know every call can’t be business related. Unless the call is an emergency from the troop headquarters, I would think the law applies to them also.


Anyone who knows how the accountability system works in Delaware should not be surprised the failing grade, (F) they received from the Center for Public Integrity (down from a C-minus in 2012) and Global Integrity knowing Delaware does not deserve a passing grade.

What is involved, what does the states Public Integrity Commission do?  Well this agency receives each spring from Delaware lawmakers, judges and other top public officials including elected county and town officials a financial disclosure form listing sources of income and business affiliations to guard against conflicts of interest. A joke!

There are more than a thousand elected and appointed people in Delaware qualified for disclosure. Guess what, the state’s Public Integrity Commission has two employees, an attorney, and an administrative assistant. No way can the two of them check this number of forms and keep track of honesty in the submitted forms.

And the state legislature intends to keep it that way. Having had experience working with the attorney of that agency when I was in Dover, she has tried for years to add staff and if always turned down. To add insult to injury she was asked to cut her budget by almost 3% this year.

The reporting system is beyond flawed, lobbyists information is usually incomplete, email communication is shielded from public view. The public is supposed to be able to see the forms submitted but the state open records law is riddled with loopholes. The judges and some other agencies have their own rules.

So, while the state makes laws for us to abide by, they continue to ignore to do what is right for their voters. Another words, do as I say not as I do!


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Sussex County weathering coastal storm, some flooding issues

Significant coastal flooding expected Friday afternoon, lasting into weekend while Hurricane Joaquin forecast to stay away

FOR IMMEDIATE                                                                                    1400 Hours, Friday

RELEASE                                                                                                                 Oct. 2, 2015

A major coastal storm along the eastern United States continues to push high waves, heavy rain and gusty winds ashore, but so far, Sussex County is weathering the nor’easter fairly well without any major incidents. Still, minor to moderate flooding is occurring in parts of the county this afternoon, primarily along the Inland Bays and lower Delaware Bay, and could remain a problem for travel through the evening and into the weekend.

A flood warning and high wind warning remain in effect for Sussex County. Forecasters with the National Weather Service expect the nor’easter now affecting the Delmarva Peninsula to continue slowly making its way up along the coast into tonight, with rain subsiding late. Winds could remain gusty, up to 40-50 mph, into Saturday, and tides are expected to run as much as 2 to 4 feet above normal. So far, more than 4 inches of rain has fallen across the county, with additional rainfall expected through Friday night.

Meantime, Hurricane Joaquin, a Category 4 storm with sustained winds of 130 mph and still parked over the Bahamas, is expected to remain well off the East Coast before eventually heading out to sea. The hurricane, though, could still have an influence on Sussex County beaches later this weekend and early next week, with rough surf and beach erosion as the primary effects.

Delaware Gov. Jack Markell has issued a limited state of emergency for Sussex County. At this time, there are no evacuation orders or travel restrictions, and no shelters have been designated. However, motorists should exercise caution if traveling, and those living in low-lying areas should take precautions, as needed, since flood waters may affect their communities for several tide cycles over the next two days.

“So far, we have been fortunate to not be experiencing the tremendous rainfall, wave action and flooding that is occurring in places farther south, particularly in Virginia and the Carolinas,” Sussex County Emergency Operations Center Director Joseph L. Thomas said. “That said, we are still experiencing our fair share, and residents, particularly in coastal areas of the county, should expect very high tides and flooding to occur and continue for quite some time.”

Sussex County has launched a helpful interactive map showing areas that are likely to experience some type of flooding in this storm event. To view the map, visit

The Sussex County EOC continues to monitor the situation, and encourages residents and visitors to remain up to date on conditions in the county.

For updates, stay tuned to local television and radio stations, as well as the Sussex County website at The public also should monitor the National Weather Service, at and the National Hurricane Center at for the latest forecasts.

Meantime, Sussex County offers a variety of social media outlets, which are a great resource for up-to-date storm information. Please follow along at:,, and on Facebook; and,, and on Twitter.

For more information, please contact the Sussex County EOC’s storm information hotline at (302) 856-7366.


Media calls should be directed to EOC


Many high schools are opting out of their football programs because head impacts and concussions caused by contact sports are a quickly growing epidemic among young athletes. When left undetected, concussions can result in long term brain damage and may even prove fatal.

Reports show the amount of reported concussions has doubled in the past 10 years; kids ages 8-13 doubled, and concussions have risen 200 percent among teens ages 14-19 in the last decade.

H.S. football accounts for 47% of all reported sports concussions, with 33% of concussions occurring during practice. After football, ice hockey and soccer prove the most significant head health risk.

With boys soccer number 3 in head injuries I don’t understand most of the schools dropping football are encouraging those kids engage in soccer?


Sussex County, Mid-Atlantic coast brace for days of significant flooding, winds, torrential rains


One-two punch of developing nor’easter, trailing Hurricane Joaquin forecast to lash region through early next week

FOR IMMEDIATE                                                                               1400 Hours, Thursday

RELEASE                                                                                                                 Oct. 1, 2015

A meteorological meeting of sorts is taking shape along the East Coast this first day of October, and it could spell significant trouble for Sussex County in the days ahead, with a nor’easter and trailing hurricane setting the stage for up to 7 inches of rain, 50 mph winds, major beach erosion and moderate to severe coastal flooding that could strand residents in low-lying areas into next week.

Forecasters with the National Weather Service expect a coastal storm now developing to soak Sussex County from Thursday evening through at least Saturday, dumping torrents of rain, raising tides, and whipping up winds. And that’s just the precursor to a potential brush with a Category 4 storm, as Hurricane Joaquin, with sustained winds of 130 mph near the Bahamas, is forecast to hug the U.S. coastline later this weekend.

The combination of the nor’easter and hurricane, along with a stalled cold front draped along the coast and a strong high pressure system to the north, could mean days of strong offshore winds piling up water along Delaware’s beaches and inland bays, flooding low-lying areas and cutting off access in some places.

No evacuations have been ordered, and no shelters have been designated at this time. However, the Sussex County Emergency Operations Center, which continues to monitor the situation, is cautioning those residents in vulnerable areas to seriously consider relocating to higher ground.

“The safety of our citizens is the No. 1 concern. This could be a significant flooding event that affects Sussex County not just for a few hours, but for several days,” Sussex County EOC Director Joseph L. Thomas said. “There is a lot to be concerned about with the forecast, so the public needs to be prepared now and move, if possible, before flood waters come in.”

The Sussex County EOC encourages residents and visitors to continue monitoring the forecast and conditions as they deteriorate. Sussex County urges those planning to visit the area for the upcoming weekend to carefully monitor conditions and consider delaying their plans. Campers in area parks should also monitor the forecasts, and be prepared to leave if ordered to do so.

While all eyes have been on Hurricane Joaquin, the developing nor’easter, for the moment, has emergency planners most concerned. That storm is expected to drift along the coastline, spreading heavy rains while pushing sea water up onto beaches and into back bays. Areas that historically flood, including Long Neck, Broadkill Beach and Primehook, could see moderate to severe flooding through at least the weekend with tides as much as 3 to 4 feet above normal.

The heaviest weather is expected to begin this evening and last through at least Saturday. After that, the forecast will depend on what track Hurricane Joaquin takes – a more easterly track over the ocean would lessen the effects of wind, rains and flooding; closer to the coast or, in a worst-case scenario, up the Chesapeake Bay could make for potentially disastrous results in the region.

Residents and property owners should take time now to secure loose objects, such as lawn chairs and trash cans, to prevent winds from turning those items into projectiles. Also, residents in low-lying areas should make sure submersible pumps are working and check storm drains to ensure they are clear of debris.

For updates, stay tuned to local television and radio stations, as well as the Sussex County website at The public also should monitor the National Weather Service, at and the National Hurricane Center at for the latest forecasts.

Meantime, Sussex County offers a variety of social media outlets, which are a great resource for up-to-date storm information. Please follow along at:,, and on Facebook; and,, and on Twitter.

For more information, please contact the Sussex County EOC’s storm information hotline at (302) 856-7366.


Media calls should be directed to EOC spokeswoman Debra Jones at (302) 855-7801 or Sussex County Communications Director Chip Guy at (302) 854-5000.


Appears the Conservatives and Political Right of the Republican Party just can’t catch a break with their political agenda; first a recent poll said Americans would support a qualified Muslim for president.

Now another poll supports Planned Parenthood and funding despite all Republican candidates for president oppose funding for that group and a recent back door move to unfund  that group failing shows how much the Republican agenda is out of touch with the American voter.  

The thrust, misleading as it is, from Republicans, Pro-Life groups, and Conservatives is that abortions shouldn’t be paid with Federal money. Truth is, abortions may be performed by Planned Parenthood, but they are NOT paid with Federal money.

Planned Parenthood does much more; mostly educational and prevention among other programs for the health and welfare of women.

The poll conducted by USA TODAT/Suffolk University found Americans back government support for the group by more than 2-1.

Two-thirds of those surveyed, 65% say funding should continue for the group, which provided contraception’s, cancer screening and other health services to women: 29%  say it should be cut off; 6% undecided.

The poll was divided along party lines with 91% of Democrats supporting funding and 59% of Republicans wanting a shut down.

An even bigger majority opposes shutting down the government as a tactic to deny funds for the group by 73%-19%.


Bad news for opponents of Muslims especially Republican Presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson who says a Muslim should not be elected president, Americans think differently.

In a new USA/TODAY/Suffolk University Poll, Americans are divided. Although those polled don’t think it’s a realistic possibility, saying 53%-39% a Muslim couldn’t be elected but 49%-40% said they would vote for a qualified Muslim.

= By 53%-40% they would vote for a qualified Atheist. (Wonder what the Christian Right has to say about that?) Democrats are much more likely to say they would vote for a Muslin than Republicans; 63% compared with 26%

= By 93%-3%, they would vote for a qualified Catholic, a huge move since John Kennedy was nominated. Good news for Jeb Bush, Chris Christe, Bobby Jindal and Marco Rubio, Republicans and Democrat Martin O’Malley.

= By 94%-4%, good news for females Clinton and Fiorina, they would vote for a qualified female. Only a small difference between Democrats and Republicans, 97% D’s to 92% for R’s.

And there are still some people who will only vote for a qualified candidate.


You’ve heard the expression, “Politicians make strange bedfellows”.  Many of you may not know some people run against someone of the same party not necessarily wanting that office but wanting another position or office.  Sometimes a deal is cut to get the other candidate off the ticket and the challenger gets ‘something’ in return.

I’m more convinced VP Joe Biden will enter the Democrat field for President, but not with expectations on winning. His timing is off by 6 months; too late now to raise money needed to enter the primary states; too late to put together an organization in the primary states, although Joe is gaining in the polls and support is swinging his way. Clinton has the money and can raise a lot more.

The Vice-President and the Clintons are pretty tight.

My thinking, my opinion only, is having Joe run will take away support from Bernie Sanders who is giving Hillary a headache, leading in some primary states.

Having Joe split Sanders vote would assure Clinton the Democrat nod and based on what the Republicans have to offer we might have another election as the last when Obama was the lesser of the two evils with Romney and make Clinton the next President of the United States.

In exchange for Joe being the spoiler for Sanders he would have cut a deal with Clinton for a cabinet post, maybe Secretary of State, which he always wanted, or an ambassador appointment to a country of Joe’s choice. I know it is illegal to offer positions before you are elected, but it is done all the time. How can you prove it?

Although Biden’s wife, Dr. Jill has given the ok for him to run, that is only dressing for the public. I don’t think either of them have ‘the fire in the belly’ to take on a run much less be in the White House.

To those non-political it may appear like I am blowing smoke; for the professional politician; they know this scenario can happen.


Unless he stumbles and falls flat on his face, Congressman John Carney should be the next governor of Delaware. With his past experience in Delaware government as finance director and Lt. Governor he understands the problems of our state and how the system works and what is wrong with the system.

Having served two terms as Delaware’s Congressman only adds to his resume.

Republicans have patiently waited to see who the Democrats would run for governor; State Senator Colin Bonini has announced his intentions to seek the governor’s nod from the Republicans. Knowing a little about the political system in Delaware and with the heavy Democrat registration in Wilmington and NCCo I’d say the Republicans will look no further and secretly concede Carney will be the next governor.

Bonini is a nice person but in all of his years in the Delaware Legislature he has not been aggressive; not showing up for committee meetings and introducing very little legislation.

His fame to himself is he has never voted for a state  budget always claiming cuts should be made; we agree, but he never offers any solutions as where budget cuts should be made.

Carney lost a primary for governor to Markell, an upset since Carney was the party’s choice. I doubt if John will make the same mistake again.

Delaware faces a $200,000 dollar shortfall in next years budget. It’s time for a fresh face. Carney is that face.

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