The US stock markets closed Monday at the lowest level since January of this year. Dow lost 617 points, NASDAQ worst day this year, S&P worst day since March 27, a result of Trump’s raising tariffs on China and fear of trade wars where no one wins.

Days like this put a hurting on 401 retirement accounts, municipal and city pension investments and non profits that invest in the market to fund their organizations. 

Trump apparently doesn’t understand how tariffs work. His followers apparently like the sound of “China is screwing us” and raising the tariffs are punishment and music to his base.  He’s playing you people at your expense. Wake up!!! 

When in reality he is screwing over his base. US companies will pay more for the many goods they import. Do you think these companies are going to absorb these increases? No, they will pass the increases on to the American consumer. 

What can we expect from a president who lost over $100 billion dollars over a 10 years period, went bankrupt twice and is living a good life off the backs of American taxpayers. Even the Queen of England doesn’t live as well. 



It appears according to an investigation by the NY Times, while Donald Trump was writing his book, (or had a ghost writer) “The Art of the Deal” he was losing millions on his real estate investments, in fact over a 10 year period $100 BILLION over a 10 year period. 

Divide it by each month, each week, each day, and he receives the honor of losing more money that any person in this country. 

And we wonder why the debt in this country is at a record high? He is managing this country as he does with his business, He paid no income taxes over those years.

Did he run for president for protection so he could execute his executive privileges of not being touch while in office?

How does one get loans after two bankruptcies. The article states his father who have him ;money to begin his business, has backed his loans. No bank in NY will lend him money. 

So where does he get his money to operate?  In a book written about Trump by Bob Woodward who wrote of the Watergate investigation, “Deep Throat” writes, “When Donald Trump was about to go under on Trump Towers, being unable to sell units, he turned to Russia where several floors of units were purchased by Russians”.

Woodward writes, “Trump was unable to purchase TV;s for the rooms. Again a Russian came across and purchased them.”

Remember Trump stated, “I love Russians, I love their money, doing business with them”.

Wonder why he and Republicans don’t want the Muller report released, and why he won’t release his income taxes? 


Gun control legislation is again on the agenda in Delaware sponsored by Democrats. Already the howling has begun from Republicans claiming infringing of the 2nd amendment saying Dems want to take away the rights of citizens to own guns.

Hogwash!!! In my lifetime I have never seen a bill which says you can’t own a weapon. For protection I see a hand gun, for hunting a rifle. In either case I can’t see the necessity of owning a weapon with repeating action and large clips belong in the hands of the military or law enforcement. 

Do you believe in the shootings at schools, churches or public events would have happened if the assaulters used a hand gun or a simple rifle.

The loop holes in gun bills which the Democrats want to eliminate include being able to ;purchase a gun online, at a gun show and those mentally ill; doctors should be allowed to release that information.

Jus remember, no one wants to take away your privledge of you owning a weapon, they just want to keep it out of the hands of those who don’t need to own a weapon arsenal to committee murder.  


AG William Barr showed what he is yesterday during the Senate Hearings; A Trump lackey.  Trump has dumped AG’s until he finally got one who was loyal to him and not the US citizens.

Barr stuttered, sweated during the hearing in his attempt to answer Democrat questions. 

I’m sure he was stunned by a letter released the day before the hearing from Bob Muller addressed to Barr stating displeasure of Barr’s 4 page summary of Mullers investigation and evidence Barr omitted showing Trumps conspiracy to interfere in the past presidential election, and to have Muller fired. 

I am frustrated not only with the lies of this administration but the lack of courage shown by the Republicans. Kinda doesn’t say much for their courage.

Now Barr refuses to appear before the House committee. He is in violation, but he doesn’t care. The laws of this country only apply to Democrats.  A shame. 


I have argued for years the problem I have with Conservatives and their pro-life stance is they have little consideration for social programs caring for infants after birth. 

Recently a name for this passed by me the other day; Conservatives tend to be pro-birth not necessarily pro-choice. 

Although I am Catholic, and my religion stands firmly with the pro-life movement, I believe the government should not interfere with a women’s choice. I do not believe abortion should be used as a method of birth control. Their are ways to stop unwanted pregnancies. Although Republicans want to do away with clinics that teach birth control. 

And don’t tell me birth control isn’t being used, another no no in my religion. Church pews used to be filled with kids of a family while I was growing up. Now you’ll see one or two children per family. Maybe the males are firing more blanks are the women have become less fertile. 

Historically, and you can Google the following, Republican’s vote against programs as abortion clinics, WICK. nutritional programs, meals for young children in school, social funded programs, etc. 

Even some I personally know who have daughters who used the WICK program, after their use, were critical of the program. People I know who are on disability are critical of socialism. Perhaps they don’t understand the definition. 

My column this week in the Laurel-Seaford Star details the difference between Socialism and Capitalism. You’ll be surprised to find out how many of us benefit from socialism. 


Kate Smith a singer in the 30’s famous for her rendition of “God Bless America” a song she felt this country needed as we entered WW1 and is still sung at sporting events, has had her statue removed from the library at the Philadelphia Flyers stadium, two days after covering it amid allegations of racism against the star.

Friday, the Flyers said Smith’s “God Bless America” recording has been removed following baseball’s New York Yankees. The Yanks suspended use of Smith’s recording during the 7th inning stretch amid conflicting claims about several of her songs, including a 1939 song, “That’s Why the Darkies Were Born”, a tune originated in the ’31 Broadway revue, which was considered satire at the time. Smith’s likeness also appears in a ’39 ad hat heavily uses the mammy caricature, one of the most well-known ad that heavily used the mammy caricature, one of the most well-known racist depictions of black women. 

We’re talking 80 years ago when my people were called ‘wops’ and ‘dagos’, and the blacks were called the “N” word. Growing up in the ’60’s I heard the same words said about races, but no malice was intended. 

Kate Smith toured and sang to thousands of Americans of all races, religions during the war. I’ve never heard of her being racists; her actions were accepted at the time. Is Al Jolson next?

I don’t know what to think; but I think the Confederate has it’s place, in a museum, not being flaunted in parades, I think statues of Confederate Generals should be allowed to stand.  That is part of the souths history, like it or not. We in the north are allowed to display our U.S. flag used during the civil war and statues honoring our Generals are allowed to be displayed. 

I just don’t understand some of the racial issues in today’s age. Why can’t we get along, and settle our differences as civil people? The blacks rallied for their rights in the 60’s.  I believe some of their gains have stalled in the past few years.

I just hope none of those guys on Mt. Rushmore didn’t say anything out of line. I’d had to see their faces chiseled to dust. 






The long anticipated Muller report was finally released last week, or portions there of. Trump bragged vindication with his “No Collusion” comment, but Democrats are not happy with AG Burr’s limited presentation to Congress.

The down sized report left a lot of unanswered questions. The report according to many left open end avenues which could lead to further investigations. Many hints of Trump attempting to kill the investigation amid reports his staffers refused to do so.