Just received our new smaller recycle containers with instructions of what to and what not include.

Surprisingly we were allowed to keep our older larger recycle container for trash use only, which is a nice gesture except….

On recycle days the Republic/Waste Management trucks use only one driver because the recycle container has a robotic arm which lifts and dumps the container into an open bin in the truck and replaces it near the curb.

Which leads me to believe in the future that same truck will be stopping by for our trash collection with one driver and the robotic arm.

Multiply that one less person with the number of trucks the company has throughout the US. That’s the number of people who will be without jobs.

Plus the company saves on health insurance, vacation time and pensions. No it’s not the immigrants taking your jobs, it automation.


One of the most respected member of Congress, always fighting for the little guy. The following is a repost from a post in FB.

Elijah Cummings was one of the most powerful, beautiful & compelling voices in American politics. The power and the beauty came from his authenticity, his conviction, the sincerity with which he held his beliefs. We rarely agreed on political matters. We never had a cross word outside of a committee room. He had a unique ability to separate the personal from the work. The story of Elijah’s life would benefit everyone, regardless of political ideation. The obstacles, barriers, and roadblocks he overcame, the external and sometimes internal doubt that whispered in the ear of a young Elijah Cummings. He beat it all. He beat the odds. He beat the low expectations of that former school employee who told Elijah to abandon the dream of being a lawyer, that he would never become a lawyer, to settle for a job with his hands and not his mind. Elijah loved telling that story because that school employee wound up being Elijah’s first client as a lawyer. We live in an age where we see people on television a couple of times and we think we know them and what they are about. It is true Elijah was a proud progressive with a booming, melodious voice who found himself in the middle of most major political stories over the past decade. It is inescapable that be part of his legacy. But his legacy also includes the path he took to become one of the most powerful political figures of his time. It is a path filled with pain, prejudice, obstacles and doubt that he refused to let stop him. His legacy is perseverance. His legacy is fighting through the pain. His legacy is making sure there were fewer obstacles for the next Elijah Cummings. His legacy to me, above all else, was his faith. A faith in God that is being rewarded today with no more fights, no more battles, and no more pain.


Trump wants to pull our U.S. troops from Syria, how many he hasn’t said. Currently we have 1000 troops in Syria, a drop in the bucket to the number of U.S. troops stationed around the war from Troy Gowdy.

These troops we have stationed in foreign countries are not about human rights as we promote but about Mineral rights or to protect our interests abroad. Our governments could care less about their suffering and poverty.

In Iraq, Syria and other counties in that area it’s about controlling the flow of OIL for our wealthy oil companies. In Afghanistan it’s about the mineral right for producing batteries. They don’t have the technology to mine for it, we do. It is the only country with a wealth of that precious miner.

Hell, we can’t even take care of our own human rights problems.

Yet we try to police the world at the expense of our young men and women, black, white, brown, transgender, gay or otherwise. To defend the wealthy in this country, who you are doesn’t matter, the $$$ sign matters.


Billionaire conservative donor David Koch dies at 79.

He and brother Charles poured a fortune into conservative causes transforming the American political landscape and shaping JUS policies on such issues as climate change and government regulations.

They never donated a dime that did not benefit them. Had the government continued their course of improving air and water quality changes to clean up both, would have cost the brothers billions to refurbish their plants.

They have a history of purchasing outdated plants for pennies on the dollar, as they did with the DuPont plant in Seaford. They pay their employees low wages, no benefits, and milk the plants dry.

The brothers formed numerous of Super Pacs where their month was moved to other Republican Pacs that did not identify them as donors.

David gave millions toward cancer research, again for his benefit. He dies of prostate cancer.


I wonder, if Trump was lowering tariffs instead of raising them, would US companies be lowering their prices instead of saying how much they have to raise prices based on Trumps increase in taxes?


J.P. Morgan had estimated that Trump’s tariffs would cost the average house-hold roughly $1,000 a year if he proceeded with his threats.

When corporate America decides to move their plants overseas to reduce operating costs, vs paying Americans more, I have never been the receiptant of savings on their products.

I think Hagger pants was one of the first to go into Mexico for production. I never saw their prices go down, instead the cost savings went to the greedy CEO’s and stock holders.


With all the recent racists comments, and Trumps continual calling those who disagree with his running of the government more and more people ae asking, “Why don’t respectable members of the US Senate and House speak up against Trump.

The answer is simple. They are scared to death of not being re-elected. Just look back at the 2016 election. Republican incumbents who disagreed with Trump were tweeted out of office by him.

Although his tweets are lies, his cult following are too lazy to check out the facts instead, “If our leader said it, it is true.”

He wants his lackey’s in office who bow down to his majesty. Look at the turn overs in his cabinet. Last I heard his oath of office was to serve ALL American’s not his majesty.

I bite my tongue when I see tapes when he was running for president and how his opponents spoke against him including US Senators Lindsey Graham, and Ted Cruz, both very critical now doing an about face; suck ups.

If Trump had told me my dad was involved in the assignation of President Kennedy, and ran down my day, I would have jumped on him without hesitation.

Maybe Republicans hope if they are re-elected and Trump is a lame duck, if re-elected, God forbid, they may speak up them without fear of repercussion.

By then it may be too late.


Not only do we have to worry about our ponds deterioting to the point we can’t swim o eat the fish, now we have to worry about our beaches and the increase of flesh eating bacterial which has infected 15 Delawareans by Vibrio.

On Delmarva, one lost a finger, another not as lucky, lost his life. Again, we are victims of climate change. The growing toll of this “flesh-eating bacteria” and it’s infectious relatives on human lives isn’t expected to slow down any time soon as climate change drives water temperatures up earlier in the spring, later in the fall and warms more northern waterways.

In one year, from 2017-2018 the number of Vibrio infections, from all the bacteria’s species, jumped byh more than 60 percent.

Still believe climate is false news Trump?