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During the first presidential debate, Hillary Clinton mentioned Donald Trump has paid no income tax on his profits in two decades.

Trump who has declined to release any of his tax returns says not paying taxes makes him smart.

For the rest of us who pay income taxes, does that leave us as idiots? No, not really.  Trump and other millionaires have the advantage of a low tax rate and many loop holes the average working class American doesn’t have the income to take advantage of.

In addition they have the money to hire the best tax attorneys.

Trumps story underscores the unfairness of the economic system. While the rich are getting richer, and most other people are getting poorer.

Billionaires like Trump are able to manipulate the tax system so they avoid paying federal income tax.

Democrats for years have been trying to raise taxes on the rich; the argument against raising taxes is it would hurt the economy; the wealthy create jobs. Yea, overseas.

President  Bill Clinton raised taxes on the wealthy which resulted in a robust economy. Republicans lowered the tax rate during the Bush administration. Hillary has proposed raising the tax again on the wealthy.

Trump says he can’t release his taxes because he is under audit; not so says the IRS, his tax preparers and Trump himself have copies of his tax returns.

His tax return shows that he may have used business losses of nearly $1 billion to avoid paying federal income taxes for nearly two decades.

His co-harts, former NY mayor Rudy Giuliani who has prostituted himself this election following Trump all over the country called Trump, “A genius” as how to take advantage of legal remedies that can help your company survive and grow.

Governor Christie of NJ echoed the same sentiments.



Since we began this Blog some 5 plus years we have gone over the half million mark of readers visiting our site.

We have totaled 525,028 visits to our Blog. Thanks for your support.


It was a good night for Western Sussex football teams last night with teams gaining impressive wins.

The  Laurel Bulldogs notched their second straight win of the season bringing their record to 2-1 with a convincing 59-35 win over favorite Sussex Tech a bitter rivalry between the two teams. Laurel moves up to third place in the Henlopen South Conference.

The Seaford Blue Jays scored more points in Friday nights game then they have the past several seasons, blowing St. Andrews out of the stadium with an impressive 66-26 thumping. Seaford ties with Delmar notching their first win with a 1-2 record for 4th place in the conference.

Woodbridge after trailing 7-0 in the first quarter scored 14  points in the second quarter shutting our Wilmington Friends and gaining an easy 35-7 win. The win leaves Woodbridge alone in first place in the conference with an undefeated 3-0 record.

The Delmar Wildcats were not as fortunate dropping to Caravel 45-28. A 21 point second quarter helped Caravel. Delmar outscored their opponent 25-17 in the second half but the Wildcats could not over come the second quarter and fell short. Delmar falls to 1-2 and is tied with Seaford for 4th place in the conference.


Donald Trump the latest con man in politics is not as dumb as we think. His latest trick is saying the debates are fixed and he won’t get a fair shake, saying the hosts and the media is against him and won’t give him a fair shake, meaning they will throw soft ball questions at Hillary and difficult questions at Trump.

This is an old trick to make the moderators think before they ask him a question and may throw a softball question or two.

Apparently Trump didn’t remember the first debate with Matt Lauer who blew the evening by pounding Hillary with hard ball questions and missed follow up opportunities to Trump on many of his forgotten answers he gave in his prior life.


Disgusting is all I can say about the Primary voting yesterday. Only 20% of registered Democrats turned out to vote and less, 18% Republican voters went to the polls.

To me, voting in the Primaries is as important as voting in the General Election. The Primary allows for one to pick the best candidate in which to represent his or her party in November.

Countries over seas fight for the right to vote and many times their elections are rigged to favor the incumbent. We have the freedom to choose and we don’t.

I hope there is a much larger turn out for the November election as I believe this election to be an important one.



In an about face, seeing Donald Trump drown his chances of being elected, Republicans have decided the Supreme Court nominee suggested by Obama isn’t such a bad idea and are considering hearings on the nominee.

This is an indication Republicans are seeing Trump will not be elected and Hillary may appoint someone more liberal. And their is a possibility Democrats will take control of the Senate. Interesting.


The thrust of Donald Trump’s campaign has been immigration. Yesterday when meeting with the president of Mexico he seemed presidential. He said they never talked about building the wall and that Mexico would pay for the wall.

Later we learned indeed the discussion came up and Trump backed away from the issue, thereby blowing a chance to prove he can stand up to foreign leaders.

In his speech in AZ he did an about face and blasted the immigrants  again saying things about the wall, deportation tough guy.

Trump is nothing but a blow hart, no substance and no balls. Last evening he was speaking to his 40% of Republicans, the NRA members, and racists.

Some Latinos who had endorsed Trump, either resigned from his campaign or dropped their support. Any Latino or those of the minority race would be nuts to support Trump.


My gosh I can’t pick up a paper or watch the news without seeing a latest apology from a hate comment the day before. What has happened to this country

It’s not just the ordinary citizen, it’s elected officials and ministers, people of GOD. Racial slurs, cartoons are becoming more common.

The comments are becoming so common it’s like they just slide out of people’s mouths.

Political candidates use to pound each other on issues, but this year it appears to be about calling each other names.


Last year I was invited by retired Laurel Farmer George Collins to visit the water melon operation of his son Mark at DMC (Wife Dawn and Mark. A series of health problems permitted me from making that date.

This year I asked if the invitation was still open; it was. So I spent half a day with George surveying the water melon fields and the operation from cutting the melons from their stem to the shipping process.

Over the years in Laurel others have built processing centers, skipping the middle man at the popular and long standing Laurel Farmers Auction where trucks and trailers sit and go through an auction process.

Most of the workers are out of Florida where they are use to the heat. A team of 10 are out in the melon field cutting the melons from the vines; this would be their fourth cutting, a fifth is questionable according to the foreman, but their are other fields.

On the other side of the field is another team of ten picking the melons and tossing them to team members on a school bus with the top cut off, seats out to accommodate the melons.

The buses then head to the packing facility where they line up next to a conveyer belt; the; rest of the process is intriguing.  The assembly line has about 15 people. The most important person after those who are unloading, is the person who slaps the melon with both hands.

If the melon doesn’t sing his tune, it is tossed in the dump truck. It then goes to a computerized scale where  the melon is weighed, them moves along the conveyer belt. Their are several computerized sections who have picked up the weight of the melons, and as they move along the line, they are kicked out by a board according to their weight.

They are then loaded into boxes we see in the stores then lifted by a fork lift and stored on pallets throughout the warehouse, to be loaded on tractor trailers waiting.

Most of the Collin’s melons travel to stores in Phila and New York. They process up to 20 bus loads a day. A very interesting day.

Other farms in the Laurel area I am aware of: Givens, and Vincent Farms. Vincents grows a lot of truck crops as Tomatoes, corn, cantaloupes, etc.


The Horsey Family Youth Foundation celebrated their 12th year of existence but without the presence of their founder, David G. Horsey who passed away earlier this year.

However the family members carried on the tradition with a capacity dinner crowd held at the Heritage Country Club Wednesday evening.

The Foundation founded in 2004 has helped youth programs from Wilmington to the eastern sore of Virginia serving 4,000-5000 kids annually.

Nearly $900,000 has been disbursed to these youth programs with 69,000 raffle tickets being sold.

The Foundation is unique in that no salaries or traditional overhead expenses are charged to the Foundation. Not one of the Horsey family individually or their affiliated companies charge any salaries or other fees to oversee the Foundation.

Tickets are given to various organization; Example; for a $20 ticket sold, 75% of the money is returned back with in a week.  The remaining 25% of the ticket sale is invested with the Delaware Community Foundation. In august of the next year, each organization will receive an endowment based on the ticket sales from the previous year, from the Delaware  Community Foundation. For the remaining $5 the organizations will receive an average of $6.00 or $7.00 for each ticket sold.  

A Celebrity Gold Tournament will be held today. Several professional sports celebrities will participate in the Tournament.

Hats off to Ms. Pat and the Horsey Family for their generosity.


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