Unlike many of my friends, especially females, I didn’t follow the Casey Anthony soap opera; some have followed the case since she was arrested.

I was a little surprised by the verdict but not shocked. Since O.J> Simpson tried on that glove  and his attorney said, “If the glove does not fit you must acquit”, thus casting ‘reasonable doubt’ upon the jury.

I never understood that glove deal; if a leather glove is soaked with blood and not washed off it will shrink, believe me I worked  in leather over 40 years. I think the defense dropped the ball on that one.

However Simpson was proved ‘not guilty’ because there was reason, maybe not enough proof that he may not have done the killing of his estranged wife.

When a criminal defendant is prosecuted, the prosecutor must prove the defendant’s guilt Beyond a Reasonable Doubt.  If the jury–or the judge in a bench trial–has a  reasonable doubt as to the defendants’ guild, the jury or judge should pronounce the defendant not guilty.

Conversely, if the jurors or judge have no doubt as to the defendant’s guilt, or if their only doubts are unreasonable doubts, then the prosecutor has proven the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt and the defendant should be pronounced guilty.

Reasonable doubt is now the highest standard of proof used in court. Proof of evidence has to be clear and convincing.

I just hope she is not as dumb as Simpson and makes another mistake which will land her in jail.



  1. You may be somewhat prohetic on this one, as I have said the same thing regarding her future endeavors. The smart money is on that she does something stupid and gets significant jail time.

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