Health insurance giant Cigna Corp.  is threatening to leave DE and lay off 500 people if the state won’t exempt them from new rules for their international insurance business resulting from last year’s federal health care law.

This on the heels of DE giving them a $2.4 million in grants to keep those employees in DE and to add to the staff here. To add insult the injury if DE gives the exemption it will only aid Cigna in their international business, jobs overseas, nothing to help workers in this country.

The company crys the new rules require insurance companies to spend at least 80 cents of every premium dollar on actual healthcare, rather than marking expenses, commissions or profits. Another words screw the insured, more profits for Cigna.

If doing business overseas is so costly, stay the hell out of those countries and spend that money in this country. Never happen, because these multi-national corporations are usually exempt from paying taxes in those countries and the US.

My readers wonder why I am so against large corporations; GREED and  screw the worker.



  1. Frank, your last sentence is dead on, I saw some terrible things from corporate america that is why we parted company. However this is also another example of what The US Government (aka a large corporation) is doing to this country with the health care bill that no one wanted.

  2. John,
    With all due respect I believe you are missing the point of the post. The healthcare law is actually trying to reign in CIGNA and make them use the money for healthcare expenses as opposed to using them for commissions or profits as Frank said. I don’t know about you but I have healthcare, and the system is broke. I don’t think this healthcare bill is the answer but at least he tried to do something about it. Every time I hear an insurer say how unfair the new healthcare bill is, then I think it’s most likely working.

    • Your last sentence reminded me when I was police commissoner on the Laurel Council; whenever people complained about police giving tickets, I figured they were doing the job and the others weren’t. The healthcare bill has a lot of good points, but was watered down due to heavy lobbying by the drug companie, and medical profession. But like former President Clinton said, “Any bill is better than none”. He went on to explain the faults of a bill can be corrected but no bill accomplished nothing and cited Social Security which is being changed all the time.

  3. JL, i have not really heard the insurance companies complaining but, I am not listening for them either. When I spent all that time with doctors and in the hospital this winter the Doctors and the hospital administrators all told me that the new health care was going to be a disaster for those that already have good insurance like you and I !!! My only point regarding the article was intended to be the fact that if the Federal Government had not gotten involved this would not be happening !!! Just my little ol’ opinion !!!

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