The last NASA space shuttle which will shut the program down for good when it lands was launched this week. With the end of the program, thousands of people will lose their jobs and millions in tax revenue and tourist revenue will be lost to the people in and around Cape Canaveral, FL.

And the people in Florida are bitching at the government for the loss of the program and the jobs.

I’d like to remind the good people of Florida that they elected a Republican governor, congressman and U.S. Senator based on the Tea Party platform of less government, and cut the budget.

Like everyone else who ran on that platform in the last election and got election, they now say, “Cut them not me”. Can’t have it both ways bub, everyone has to participate in budget cuts, everything should be on the  table.

A farmer in Iowa may think his farm subsidy for his pigs is more important than beach replenishment in DE, and vice-versa.

If we’re  going to cut our debt, everyone has to give.



  1. How is this the Republicans fault? The decision to quit the Space Shuttle program was made before the elections in 2010 which means that it was a Democratic controlled government that made this decision.

    Why don’t we stick to Delaware politics and talk about the investigation into who got paid from the Delaware beer distributor Christopher J. Tigani and the sweet deals he got from the Gov. But you won’t Frank, you will never go down that street because it might bring the Bidens into discussion.

    • I have seen over my lifetime many programs pronounced dead manage to come to life. The Democrats controlled both Houses when that decision was made, no reason for me not to suspect this program could have been used as leverage by the Republicans to support other Obama programs. Called playing ‘hardball’ in politicle circles.
      As far as the Tigani saga, there is still an on going investigation. I’ve known on a few occassions Biden and others of both parties have received donations, unaware of where they came from, and returned them if they found the irregularity. My office as State Election Commissioner only audited state office donations and there were times I had to make a call or write a letter to a candidate to return the money. Very few candidates know of the donations, which is usually left up to their campaign treasurer.

  2. I agree with you Frank. Most of those voting for the tea party think that budget cuts mean “everybody else but not me”. But if you want to cut the budget then everything should be on the table – mortgage deductions, tax breaks for farmers, medicare, tax breaks for corporations, money for the military, tax breaks for businesses, social security … Everything.

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