Rupert Murdoch whose media empire included Fox News network, the Wall Street Journal, NY Post, a television and film production company, all of which sling mud at innocent people is now getting some of his own mud; couldn’t happen to a better person.

Way down on my list, below the devil Murdoch has used his influence to bribe people and even hacking into people’s personal phone numbers and computers to find dirt and personal information saw his empire begin to crumble when it was found he was using unethical means to obtain news and was forced to close the worlds largest newspaper, News of the World.

I have screamed about unfounded news on Fox News and their one-sided news reporting.  Murdoch’s purchase of the NY Post turned a good newspaper into a gossip tabloid with unfounded headlines disgracing public officials; when the facts are proven inaccurate it is too late to amend the hurt.

Not only is his media empire in danger, losing $50 billion in the stock market since the disclosure, he is being sued by his own board of directors for nepotism and for running things like a “fiefdom” which is a person who exerts authority or influence.

The lawsuit filed by shareholders are trying to stop the purchase by Murdoch’s purchase of Shine Group Ltd, a television and film production company run by Murdoch’s daughter.

The suit charges the $480 million purchase is pure nepotism, aimed at giving his daughter a $250 million windfall and a seat on the News Corp. board. Murdoch’s two sons already have seats on the board.

Murdoch is one of those people my bride use to comment: “If he is going to heaven, when I go there will be a band playing  when I enter heaven.”

So, the next time you hear the end of a Fox News broadcast when they say, “Fox News, we report the facts, you decide,” think of how these reporters got their story and just how much truth is in the report.



  1. Don’t condone what the News of the World did and Murdoch has to take the hit for it but your attempt to slander Fox News will go nowhere.

    How about a few examples of Fox News slinging mud at innocent people?

    Do hope you feel better after venting your spleen.

    • The person at the top is responsible for the actions of those below them; can’t tell be he didn’t know what what going on, his own son was running the paper. He has a reputation for ram rodding to get what he wants. As far as listing his slandering people I don’t keep a list, if I did I wouldn’t have room. I can’t understand a person with your education why you can’t see their programs are not balanced, very very rarely do you see a strong person from the left on their programs; if they do they shout them down. I’m listening to Pat Bucannan now ranting how great Murdoch is; another conservative nut. But at least liberal msnbc puts him on the air to express his 1930’s views. Do you see a liberal commentator on Fox or one that has a show?

  2. It should come as no suprise to you that I watch Fox news. Perhaps the suprise would be that I agree to the extent that the “we report, you decide….fair and balanced” is far fetched at best. Fox is an obvious conservative network who slants their reporting that way. Call it what it is, but extend the same reasoning to the other major networks. Can you honestly sit here and tell me or anyone else that the majority of the mainstream media does not slant their stories to promote/sensationalize/support the liberal agenda? The mainstream media elected our last president, pure and simple. A prime example of slanted coverage would be Fox and Cnn’s coverage of a phone call that Gov. Christie of NJ took on a talk type show. A caller asked him how why he thought he had the right to suggest how the states public schools should be funded because he sent his kids to private school. He told the caller it was none of her business where his kids went to school, but as Govenor he was responsible for the educational concerns of every kid in the state. Fox portrayed him as a hero…Cnn as a zero. What happened with News of the World is terribly wrong, but leave Fox out of it, at least until they’re proven guilty of something. In the mean time, I’ll enjoy my Fox news, you can enjoy the All Barack Channel…the National Barack Channel and the Continental Barack Station….that’s my report…you decide!!

    • BALANCE is the key word here Brian. The ‘liberal networks’ as you refer to may push their agenda, but they have conservatives on their shows to counter-point. I watch Morning Joe on msnbc, a confirmed Republican, former Congressman; I do not share his views, but he has both parties on his show. I’m watching Chris Matthews, the liberal and Pat Bucannan is on the conservative. I’m getting two opposite views. I can truly say ‘they have reported’ I can make an intelligent decision because what I saw WAS ‘fair and balanced’. I don’t get that with Fox News. Just one sided garbage.

      • Could I have gotten a two day vacation out of the amount of time you spent watching Fox News during the last year? (Reading what liberal blogs say about Fox News doesn’t qualify.)

    • Brian,
      As usual, very well put. News has been slanted one way or another (usually to the left but not always) for as long as there has been news. Nothing wrong with calling it like it is; Fox slants right, everyone else I would say slants left, some more than others. To each is own.

  3. It’s difficult they say to BS a BS artist; I’ve been with, sat and ate with more politicians in my lifetime than I can count. I know BS when I hear it. I don’t have to watch an entire show to understand when a load is being thrown at me; You on the other hand apparently have to have a house fall on your head before you can grasp the BS.
    Say hi to your lovely bride for me; a saint she is.

  4. Frank, please be fair and balanced with your comments. You and I both have to agree that our analysis of the “news” channels is influenced by our own biases. That is why I consider (after many, many hours of watching) MSNBC to be the voice of the Democratic party with the likes of The Ed Show, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’donnell, Chris Matthews and Morning Joe. Let’s take a poll and see which group your fans think distorts the news more, them or Shepard Smith, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Greta Van Suseran and Geraldo Rivera. I know you probably don’t want to acknowledge it but Alan Holmes, Juan Williams and Bob Beckel appear regularly on Fox along with nightly liberal guests on O’Reilly, Hannity and Van Susteran. Beckel may not be on as frequently as a guest now that he is a regular on the new show, “The Five”.

    Have a good day my friend. I do respect and enjoy your writings.

    • No ned for poling, every doctors office I go in or sports bar Fox News is on which puts me in the minority, but were I to be in the northern part of the state I’m sure the channel selection would change. Not moving north, so I indulge in watching Fox knowing the doctors are anti-healthcare and the people at the bar are probably not aware odf what they are watching.


    And until recently, General Electric owned MSNBC (still think there is a partial interest) and CEO Jeffrey Immelt was Obama’s go-to guy on job creation, all the while taking 36,000 jobs out of this economy. Talk about a good way to control the message when you have the boss of the media outlet as a Presidential advisor. Back when I was in journalism school, that was considered unethical but I am sure most in what passes for journalsim today can’t even spell ethics much less define it.

    • Funny you should mention the ethics of today’s journalists; had lunch today with a longtime- friend-lobbyists who said the quality of reporters today is not the same as when this person started in the business. Said they are all over you for comment, don’t check facts and can’t be trusted. Shame.

  6. When I did a little research Frank, with google look what I found. Murdoch supported Obama in 2008.

    News Corporation chairman and chief executive Rupert Murdoch has used his newly acquired technology conference D6 to throw his weight behind “rock star” Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, as well as giving his views on the Wall Street Journal.

    His backing is assiduously courted by politicians around the world, with his choices often decided by expediency, and both Labour and the Conservatives are working on securing the backing of his newspapers in time for the next general election. Last year he donated $2,300 to Hillary Clinton’s campaign fund, but the New York Post has more recently criticised her campaign and appeared to be siding with Obama.

    Elisabeth Murdoch, daughter of Rupert Murdoch and Chairman and CEO of Shine Limited is listed as a Obama supporter.

    • People with power and money such as Murdoch gives money to a presidential candidate you can bet they donated to both candidates to cover their butt. I don’t recall a public endorsement from him. Did your research find he did or just the financial contribution. I don’t recall an endorsement on his Fox News Network. I only saw Palin and McGovern on his conserative network.

    • Attack me, leave my readers alone. A lot of my readers tell me they don’t respond to the comments because of the bashing from my conservative readers. If you’ll watch some of the liberal shows when they have a Republican and Democrat, the Democrat rarely gets in a complete sentence without being interrupted. I think the Republicans have to pass that test in their school before they are certified as a right ringer.

    • Frank, if your “attack me” comment was directed at me then I want to clarify that my “birds of a feather” comment was directed at Murdoch and Pres. Obama and not any of your readers.

  7. Frank in all honesty if this was a conservative blog, I would poke at it just as much. The problem is we have the highest paid lobbyist in the world, most of the biggest are from pharmaceutical companies doing business inside the beltway. Until we limit the power of the lobbyist at local, state and national level and we the people wake up it is not going to change. I have a couple of different books on JFK, and wonder how his political view would be accepted today. If people take the time to look at the last 50 yrs in politics to see how it has changed and where it is now, maybe they would wake up. But we have become people that want it now and in front of us, look at the Caylee case, they expected it to be like NCIS or CSI, real world crimes never get solved in an hour minus commercials.

    • Unfortunately my money is on thye lobbyist having more influence especially since out conservative U.S. Supreme Court has allowed no limitations on donations, and lifted the tag on the commercials who sponsored the ad. Now if both political parties don’t play ball with the big guys they will be ‘advertised’ right out of office. I saw as State Elections Commissioner the donations that came into Delaware from the out of state companies to the legislators and other elected officials. I often wonder what it must be like on the Federal level.
      If you read over 400 companies stated yesterday that we cannot afford a shut down in government; Did you see how the Republicans have scrambled to make it work now including giving the president a blank check. Forget cutting social programs or taxes on the rich, it’ll be business as usual. Just print more money.

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