Can you believe the number of major league baseball players who were voted to participate in the annual All-Star game who didn’t play after they were selected by the fans? Unbelievable!!!!

As a kid growing up it was an honor for a major leaguer to be named to the summer classic; most making less than $15,000 a year, these guys loved the game, certainly they weren’t playing for the money. Many had to get jobs in the off-season to survive.

Sixteen players stayed away after being named to play including NY Yankee Derek Jeter, who became the first Yank to make the 3000 hit mark; he was seen with his sweetie.

Some were pitchers who got out of the game by having their managers pitch them earlier this week and without the required rest they were not allowed to pitch.

This is the fans game; they elect the players. These fans attend the games but their clothing and literally help pay their outlandish salaries.

I understand some pro-football players don’t participate in the Pro-Bowl, their isn’t the interest in that game as the All-Star game.

Nothing I can do, I didn’t even care to watch the game, maybe if more  did, the network carrying the game would demand the ‘prima donna’ all-stars participate.



  1. I agree with you Frank. I did watch Halladay and Lee pitch and then went to bed. Wouldn’t it be great if the fans refused to vote next year for those who declined to participate this year? But not likely with people’s short term memory anymore.

    My wife said to say hello.

  2. I also agree…it’s an outright disgrace. On a personal level I compare it to the Blue-Gold football game played each June. The officials who work the game are not paid. It’s an honor to officiate that game. The NBA has 22 of 30 teams losing money, yet the players want and expect more. The NFL is a lockout. All of this is going to come crashing down at some point. They are paid millions to play a game that most of us would play for nothing and can’t even oblige the fans to a token at best appearance in an All-Star game. The ultimate display of ungreatfulness.

  3. As much as this hurts…… I agree with you Frank. I think they could have appeared. I guess they forgot who the All-Star game was for. Not for them, but for the fans.

    • Please Jack, my heart can’t take much more of your agreeing with me; this has to be at least the second time this year. I’m beginning to think I’m getting soft on my writings.

  4. there is so much that could be done to improve the All-Star game but it would fall on deaf ears. Make it a Sunday 4PM game and get rid of the requirement all teams need a player. What’s happened is that it isn’t that special anymore as many are selected that don’t deserve a spot. Record low ratings for the second year in a row

    You should watch The Franchise on Showtime about the San Fran Giants. There was a moment last night when a player, (Vogelsong) who was cut by the Pirates last year, was told he made the team and it was really neat. Some players get it, like Ripken in the past and Ibanez this year who went dispite an injury. But sad to say it is what it is and that’s a job to these guys.

    • Can you imagine Ripken missing a game after he made the 3000 hit list? And how about those low TV ratings this year, I was shocked, second year in a row? Are the fans finally getting it?

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