I’m enjoying watching the field of Republican candidates change weekly in the polls. Last week’s leader of the pack Mitt Romney fell to second place this week yeilding the top spot to Michelle Bachmann the new Sara Palin, who like Palin shoots from the hip and her mouth; you gotta love it.

Ron Paul who said he would not seek re-election because he wants to give full attention to his presidential bid is still hanging in the middle of the pack.

Romney, the most polished, and one who can raise tons of money over night just can’t can’t  convince his party that he is a true conservative, based on his middle-of- the- road governship in Massachuetts.

Republicans seem hell-bent on getting a true conservative this time, and Michelle takes the prize there.

I just can’t wait to hear her quote of the day when she puts her foot in her mouth; thus far she has been pulling a Palin by not answering questions from the media, but insisting on hawking her program.

Her husband runs a clinic that guarentees to turn gay people into people hot for the opposite sex through religion. Good luck with that. This is a first glance of the type of candidate the conservatives want because they seem to be falling all over her.

I will say this for the Republican Party; they do pick attractive women for the top office, I would guess to take the male mind off the political issues.

When Palin was running I would make a point of telling my male fiends she was packaged right, but there was nothing in the package, they would respond, “Who cares, she’s good to look at.”

That’s what we need in the White House a beauty with no brain.


8 thoughts on “I JUST LOVE IT

  1. Frank, you just walked into it with your last line. Lest we forget the picture of our President at the beach with his shirt off, coming out of the water sporting some pretty decent abs. I have heard from numerous women that he is a handsome man. I believe we have already acheived what you just stated you feared.

  2. Some of the more informed conservatives aren’t so sure about Bachmann. She voted to extend some of the worst provisions of the Patriot Act, while other “Tea Party” Republicans (Ron Paul, Allen West, Rand Paul) voted against it. She’s often labeled the Tea Party Queen, but I wonder if she’s simply a mainstream Republican trying to ride an antiestablishment wave by saying the right things.

  3. Anxiously awaiting Franks analysis of Democratic contenders. Someone told me that Obama may be thinking about a new VP, any truth in that??

    • I know you Republicans don’t like Joe, but he has been an asset to the President; no more bloopers than Bush had and he was president. Biden is strong is foreign policy, sharper than Hillary, I wish he had gone there, but Obama is not strong there, and Joe can BS with the best of the Senate Republicans and Democrats. Republicans liked Joe was he was a U.S. Senator.
      So, no is your answer, sorry to spoil your week end friend. And Joe can raise money especially in the Jewish community; they love Joe.

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