I’m sure everyone has  their take on how to settle the debt limit debate. I believe the issue will be resolved and the government won’t shut down. The Republicans tried this during the Clinton administration, the government shut down and the Republican Party suffered huge losses in the next election. Bluff as they may the Republicans are not going to make that same mistake because Obama has successfully put the ball in their court.

House Speaker John (I don’t have a  clue what’s going on) Boehner keeps saying no new taxes as if the middle class will be taxed; no Obama wants to close tax loop holes the rich enjoy that we don’t, he wants to drop the oil company subsidies for research which the oil companies don’t use nor need, but bone head Boehner doesn’t talk about those cuts, he just wants to cut Medicare, education and other programs for those who need them.

Some of those programs can take a minor hit, but bone head wants to slash the hell out of them.

Both sides have to agree to cuts, but the Republicans have to give on protecting their rich, those who can afford to give or their won’t be a deal.

You can bet big business and the Republicans are finding ways they can give a little.

When the final vote is taken you can bet there won’t be any bankruptcy filings by the wealthy 1% in this country.


27 thoughts on “DEBT LIMIT; WHAT’S YOUR TAKE?

  1. my initial take is why hasn’t there been a budget for two + years (which is law) and now all of a sudden we have a president, house and senate that are freaking out over this debt “crisis” when there was ample time for work on a budget; instead they, afraid of having to own it and what was in/out of it, just kept passing temporary after temporary budget? Well, the rubber has met the road…

  2. I am sorry but correct me if I am wrong, were the democrats not the majority for the months of October, November and December of 2010 and before that, so why was the budget no approved then? Find a way to blame that on the republicans, that’s right I know what happen it was because of Bush.

  3. “Let’s see it,” a frustrated Sen. Jeff Sessions said on the Senate floor Monday afternoon. “Let’s bring it forward.”

    By “it,” Sessions meant a Democratic proposal for a 2012 federal budget. In recent days Sessions, the top Republican on the Senate Budget Committee, has been asking, pushing, pleading, cajoling and begging Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to put forward a Democratic plan. So far, Reid has steadfastly refused.

    That’s nothing new. The last time the Senate passed a budget was April 29, 2009, which was, if you are counting — and Jeff Sessions is — 755 days ago.

    Read more at the Washington Examiner:

    • Chris put aside that Republican proproganda you’re reading (washington examiner) and go back to your history books. I believe all budget legislation comes from the House of Representatives. Where is bone heads budget?

  4. We don’t need a democrat or republican plan. We need to man up and come with an american plan so that we can move on, do they not realize this? Why must it be a plan of one party or another? Why can’t they just get it done? I don’t understand this at all!!

  5. The Democrat-controlled federal government has maxed out its credit cards and wants to apply for new ones. Republicans are saying “not so fast.” That’s the debt debate in a nutshell.

    • I guess the debt limit was never raised during Bush Jr’s terms? And he didn’t have record breaking budgets, he never borrowed from Social Security to balance the budget, and last but not least got us into two civil wars that are breaking the bank, billions a months being spent in two countries? Yep, those damn liberals, pray for us sinners who carry the cross for you conservatives who protect the rich and work your butt off the first 4 or 5 months a year to pay your taxes and theirs.

      • Yeah, but didn’t the current president when he was a senator voted for these two civil wars, since he has been president hasn’t he got us involved in another one. He was also present when they borrowed from SSN, remember the last two years of Bush was a democrat controlled house and senate.

      • So lets say Bush was a hero, he didn’t put us into two wars, didn’t deregulate the banks, the stockmarket crash and the bank failure was Clinton’s fault, put it behind you. What is your party of heros going to do about the forthcoming dooms day. You control the House where all budget bills originate, where’s the beef? Haven’t heard anything from your side except cut programs; what about income, no taxes on the rich and no dropping the free tax breaks to the oil companies. You conservatives love to be critical but you never offer any solutions; The healthcare plan is a great example. All we heard was bitch, bitch, bitch from the Republicans, no alternatives. They said they had them; did you see them?

  6. Oh don’t even go with the health care program, how many of union controlled companies have gotten to opt out of the health care plan, oh I guess this slipped your mind. If it is so great why did the democrat controlled house and senate opt out of it. Lets cut some of these programs, get rid of Dept of Education and give it back to the states like it was before another great president Jimmy Carter created it. Take a look at Greece and see how there liberal policy worked, or how long it takes to see a doctor or receive an appointment to a specialist, you can go to Canada for this. You can tell the health care program works in Canada because they all come to the US on vacation to see a specialist.

    • When’s the lst time you tried to get an appointment with a specialist; I just waited 3 months to get an appointment with a hearing specialist, and my bride waited 5 months to get one with a skin specialists. When you trade off a wait vs having health care or a quick appointment with no health care I think I’d rake the healthcare option. I haven’t seen any revold from countries who have universal health care. We’r paying for the citizens of Iraq to have universal healthcare???Stange.

  7. I called on Thursday and got one for tomorrow, not a problem, never waited more than two weeks, maybe you need a different insurance company. I just looked at a list of the countries with universal health care, with the exception of US and Canada, guess what they all have in common. Their immigration policies, go read their immigration policies and who is actually covered, you will not see anything about illegal aliens or temporary workers being covered in their policies. Some of these countries have the strictest immigration polices in the world, maybe of this country would implement the same kind of immigration policies then the “universal health” care would have a chance instead of pushing us further into debt.

    • Specialist or family doctor?. Family doctor no problem. My insurcance is one of the best, when they take a look they want to do all kinds of tests. If a specialists, maybe you’d better check into their credentials.

  8. Congratulations to the 39 new recipients of coveted Obamacare waivers!

    As of the end of June 2011, a total of 1,471 one-year waivers have been granted. This update includes 39 new approvals. The number of enrollees in plans with annual limits waivers is 3.2 million, representing only about 2 percent of all Americans who have private health insurance today.

    Self-insured employers
    Tanimura & Antle Spreckels CA
    UEA New Hire Murray UT
    Acrux Investigation Agency, LTD Lakeview OH
    Comcar industries, Inc its Affiliates & Subsidiaries Auburndale FL
    Mays Housecall Home Health Inc. Antlers OK
    Pecan Valley Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center San Antonio TX
    Southwest LTC Frisco TX
    Air Central Heating & Cooling Yuma AZ
    Spanish Meadows Brownsville TX
    Wesco Industrial Products Co. Lansdale PA
    Cameron Mitchell Restaurant Columbus OH
    Hadley, Inc. Thermal CA
    Kovacevich 5 Farms Delano CA
    Fresh Harvest, Inc. Somerton AZ
    Pasquinelli Produce Co Yuma AZ
    U. S. Security Associates, Inc.

    Health reimbursement arrangements
    Special Needs Program, Inc. Ghent NY
    Health Care Compliance Minneapolis MN
    Independent School District Rosemount MN
    Iron Workers Local 33/440 Supplemental Benefit Plan Rochester NY
    City of Eden Prairie Eden Prairie MN
    SouthWest Transit Eden Prairie MN
    Warren Washington ARC Queensbury NY
    CSEA Strategic Benefit Trust Albany NY
    Heaven’s Hand Community Services, Inc Brooklyn NY

    Multi-employer plans (Taft-Hartley union plans)
    Plumbers and Steamfitters Local Union No. 43 Health and Welfare Fund Goodlettsville TN
    Day Care Council Local 205 DC 1707 Welfare Fund New York NY
    Roofers’ Local 195 Health and Accident Plan Cicero NY
    Arkansas Pipe Trades Heath and Welfare Fund Oklahoma City OK
    Chicago Laborers’ Welfare Fund Chicago IL
    Insulators Local 112 Heath and Welfare Trust Fund Lake Charles LA
    Southeastern SEIU Health and Welfare Fund Jonesboro GA
    Western Teamsters Welfare Trust Seattle WA
    Teamsters and Employers Welfare Trust of Illinois Springfield IL
    International Brotherhood Electrical Workers Local 139 Welfare Fund Elmira NY

    Non-Taft Hartley Union Plans
    Uniformed Sanitationmen’s Association Security Benefit Fund New York NY

    • Thanks for your detailed comments, but you forgot to add the story that the Obama Administration is putting an end to the waivers; would that be considered selective reading? Throw in the word Lobbists there whom I am sure deserve the credit for the waivers, and that from both parties. Obama as you may recall or not remember tried to limit access of the lobbyists in Congress. Did that ever get out of committee? Look that one up for me please.
      By the way your comment about me thinking your are a crook came through on my Comcast site, but I haven’t been able to transfer your Wold Press comment to this site; could you resend so I can comment?
      Sorry I’ll be honest here, went back and I had hit trash; please send again.

  9. No it is not selective reading I just wasn’t going to tell you I got the info from Michelle Malkin and Fox News, because then we would end up going down a different path.

  10. Most of us don’t have the “great insurance coverage” you have. Our deductibles keep rising and our small company is paying more and more each year for less coverage. Need to look into how to get that “the best coverage”.

    • You’re right; I made a decision at age 55 to get out of business and was lucky to get into government; insurance was going up 20% a year that with a $1000 deductable, and I couldn’t pass it on to my customers the same with many small businesses today; that was 22 years ago. God knows what I would be paying now.
      That’s why knowing there are more out there like I was and they need help; Government healthcare is the only way to go; who else is offering to help the citizens?

  11. Frank – the Washington Post has an interesting article where you can select who gets paid and who doesn’t if the debt ceiling is not raised. It will also tell you what was left out when you are done.
    Oh – and if I had a debt problem I would cut my spending and increase my payments to pay it off (ie. both reduce spending and raise taxes). I think that is the mature “grown-up” solution.

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