With sewer and water construction supposed to begin at the end of the year to bring service to Rt 9 and U.S. 13 there is a lot os talk about what is going on the highway.

We understand Rite-Aid has given up their option to purchase and build on the corner opposite Royal Farms, which has delayed their building project since DelDOT has asked them to redraw their entrance permit since Rite-Aid has given up the ship, I think a huge mistake because;

Another major drug chain is talking to two businesses to build along U.S. 13. The site has to be annexed to bring sewer and water.

Further south an offer has been made by Royal Farms to build another store on the north bound lane.  That land cannot be annexed, but the company is satisfied to have septic.

The former Exxon station of Rt 9 has indicated they would be willing to annex so they could expand that business and across is the flea market who would like to change their operation.

The town has money to provide these services; the question is will they?  If they do their could be a lot of action in Laurel in 2012, or it could be business as usual.


6 thoughts on “THE RUMOR MILL

  1. Maybe if the citizens get involved the way that they rallied around Dr. McCoy things could be different. If we can carry over the momentum from this school board mess we could continue to keep things in a positive direction. After all we are getting $120million worth of new schools. We don’t have to worry about business development on Rt. 13 kill the downtown because it is already dead. We just need to try to keep this positive and upbeat, and stay involved.

    • I agree partly with your comment, however the town and the schools need a larger tax base; the town to grow, the schools to keep books and supplies, and maintenance current so we don’t fall behind the 8-ball again. Our taxes on this referendum were so high because there was no tax base to draw from. A Royal Farms by the way produces more taxes than 100 homes, the same goes for any commercial building, A Micky D’s, any fast food, hotels, etc. That’s the way you build a tax base in a hurry; Seaford along U.S. 13 is a prime example. Look how they survived the loss of DuPont, you don’t see taxes as high there as in Laurel.

  2. What happened when everyone rallied around McCoy? Laurel is Laurel, let the dollars fly by while we try to catch the pennies.

  3. You know, expansion is great if you can afford to pay your public servants to go along with this. Your police department officers for instance have not gotten a pay raise or a cost of living for four years now. It’s funny, 10,000 complaints a year and all the town can say is do more. What are you going to do if this does happen? With expansion comes crime such as thefts of building materials, criminal mischief and trespass complaints. You can say all you want about our police department, however, I know many who work there and they give it their all when they come to work. I know of two officers that have been here for many years and still don’t make $40,000 a year. Other police departments get that for walking in the door. How much more does Laurel want for nothing?? I hope expansion comes, however, I hope the town get’s their head out of their butts and gives some pay to keep the officers that are dedicated to this town. Complaints keep rising and no one wants to work for Laurel. Just ask the right people and if they have any sand they will tell you the truth about the financial abuse the town is handing down to it’s employees.

    • Neither has any other town employeed received a raise, but it has been 3 years; the employees will receive a 2% raise this year. The reason the police dept hasn’t gotten their raise this year is they formed a union and they haven’t presented their proposal to the town; until they do and the town and police dept can come to an agreement the police will not receive an increase. By the way the cost of running our police dept. is over $1 million dollars.
      I appreciate the dedication of our officers, certainly not my top choice for a job, but loyality is one thing and supporting a family is another; if I could find another job with another department making more…so long.

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