The worst kept secret in Sussex County is expected to become news today when the Sussex County Council names Todd F. Lawson, a Washington, D.C. lobbyist with home-grown roots in Sussex County.

Todd who served in the George W. Bush administration serving as deputy assistant secretary for congressional relations in the U.S. Dept.. of Housing and Urban Development supervising about 20 people. In the county he will oversee more than 480 employees and oversee a $140 million budget.

His hiring seems pretty evident especially when he declined a  reporters about the job. If he wasn’t the man wouldn’t he have said “no’?

Lawson’s family has been heavily involved in Republican politics in Sussex County-his father ran twice unsuccessfully for state  representative on the Republican ticket in the 1980’s; that’s when the county voted Democrat. and being a Republican was an unpopular as being a Democrat here today.

Democrats shouldn’t be upset Democrats weren’t in the top 3, they aren’t as generous as the previous Democrat Council that kept Republican Robert L. Stickels on as county administrator. Republicans believe in to the winners to the spoils, as I do. Good for them.  Lawson was the only candidate interviewed according to newspaper sources.

Democrats got tired of working for their candidates and jobs went to Republicans. Congressman John Carney has hired Stickels as his director in Kent and Sussex County; U.S.Senator Chris Coons hired a former Mike Castle director to oversee the southern two counties.

Stickels who has flip-flopped his registration after leaving the county reportedly sought the county’s top job again, and was rebuked by the Republican council.

Lawson’s has been negotiating his salary, the only hold up from accepting the position. Should he take the job it will probably be announced in news release.  Lawson earned $95,390 to $124,010 at HUD in 2008; outgoing administrator Dave Baker earns $110,544 and the use of a vehicle.

Lawson has a law degree but has never practiced law.



    • I only know his uncle. We’ve been communicating during the day. Under the new administrator is going to live in Harberson. I think that’s where the family is from. I understand his salary will jump from $95,000 to $102,500 when Dave Baker leaves in December.

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