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Legislation would stop Congress members’ pay during default





Legislation introduced today by Congressman John Carney of Delaware would halt pay for Congress members during a default. The Stop Pay for Members Act is also supposed to ensure Congress members don’t get back after the default is resolved.

“Congress needs to act quickly to prevent the United States from serious economic consequences that are completely avoidable,” reads a statement from Carney announcing the bill.

Under the bill, members of the House and Senate would be placed last on a list of about 80 million payments that will need to be made with limited revenue if the nation goes into default.

FRANKS COMMENT: Good thinking John, probably has a snowballs chance in hell passing, if it did we’d have a bill pased in a mater of hours.




  1. LOL unlike you Bob I’m sure many including the Tea Party people which didn’t support Carney, especially thos in this area, are in agreement with his position. He knows the bill has no chance of passing. Reminds me of a former state senator from this area who put in a bill for anyone who wanted something, never got any of them passed, but they loved him for ‘listening to them and looking out for their interests’, Politics 101 Bob. I’m sure you didn’t get that class in college, comes from the school of hard knocks.

  2. Actually Frank, I think you would have to agree with me when I say that I learned more about getting results and getting people to do what you needed done from my many years of managing youth baseball teams than I did from college. Talking about the “school of hard knocks”, that’s real Politics 101.

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