Dunkin Donuts corporate company just completed a successful round of selling stock to raise money. The money will be used to pay down debt so the company can expand…where else…overseas.



  1. You don’t suppose that it’s easier to sell your product overseas than here because of all the government regs, red tape and other obstructions? Besides, if Michelle has her way there won’t be ANY Dunkin Donuts stores here soon. Isn’t it relaxing to give up all your freedom and just let the government run your life??

    • You left out they don’t have to pay taxes, minimum wages or benefits which will soon be coming to American workers who will be working for minimum wage, no benefits, and the companies will be paying less in taxes and those who are working will bear the burden.
      Hiding behind government regulations is a crock, your boy Bush did all he could to weaken standards for industry and gave them more tax breaks and the greedy bastards still went oversea.
      Sorry Bob I can’t sympathize with you boo-hooing over our government. Best country in the world but we’re losing ground because of corporate America you support.

  2. Frank, quit blaming Bush, it has been a few years since he was in office, and the liberals controlled the house and Senate and couldn’t or wouldn’t change the tax code.

    Here is some other reading for you.

    But economists, including left-leaning ones, do not agree that eliminating this provision will bring an end to off-shoring. And here’s why: In the U.S., companies are taxed 35 percent on earnings of $10 million to $15 million or on all earnings over $18.3 million. That’s one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world, making an overseas move somewhat attractive to companies that wish to avoid the U.S. tax rate. But that’s not the leading reason companies send jobs overseas. According to a 2005 report by the Government Accountability Office, global technological advancement, increased openness of countries such as China and India, the higher education level of foreign workers in technological fields, and the reduced cost per foreign worker are all contributing factors to off-shoring.

    that is from Factcheck.org

    • Bush was notorious for vetoing bills and or putting in his own language to slant the bills to his liking. No one can say why he wasn’t stopped since it is illegal it was either his way or the highway. He will go down in history as one of the worst presidents in history. Mark my word. I will continue to bash his because of his non productive years. Anyone who can piss away the surplus he had in 6 months and leave office with such a large deficet amazes me to the point that I can’t understand how people like you can over look that and think he was next to God.
      You guys keep telling me about the Democrats controlling Congress, but I never hear why the Republicans didn’t make any changes to the tax code when they controlled both Houses under Clinton. Stop cherry picking.

      • You need to go back to the drawing board Frank. Bush was notorious for NOT using the veto. He only vetoed 12 bills in 8 years. The average number of vetoes per president is over 58. One that he did veto was the Food, Energy and Conservation Act of 2008. Reasons he stated for the veto included “At a time of high food prices and record farm income, this bill lacks program reform and fiscal discipline. It continues SUBSIDIES FOR THE WEALTHY and increases farm bill spending by more than $20 billion, while using budget gimmicks to hide much of the increase.” The bill was also loaded with earmarks. Interestingly this bill was one of only four bills where Bush’s veto was overridden. I guess it just had too many goodies for the constituents, especially the corporate farmers (who don’t pay their fair share of taxes).

        I think it would be fair to describe your position on Bush as “blind hatred”, e.g., how did he “piss away the surplus he had in 6 months and leave office with such a large deficit” without the money being being authorized by Congress. If I have got this right all that money Bush spent in the first 6 months of 2001 was the Clinton budget passed by Congress for FY2001 starting October 2000.

      • Bob you failed to mention the second part of my post where he changed up the laws to suit himself. Why veto when I can pencil in what I want and interpret the law as I see it.
        Budgets are made to be broken, and Bush broke the bank don’t care who’s budget it was. He went busted on everything he put his hands on; friends bailed him out of ownership of his baseball team.
        Bush challenges hundreds of laws
        President cites powers of his office
        By Charlie Savage
        WASHINGTON — President Bush has quietly claimed the authority to disobey more than 750 laws enacted since he took office, asserting that he has the power to set aside any statute passed by Congress when it conflicts with his interpretation of the Constitution. (Full article: 3648 words)

      • The obvious question that is raised is why did Reed and Pelosi sit idly by if Bush was breaking the law by making illegal changes to bills sent to him by Congress.

        Frank’s answer – they knew it was a complete waste of time to challenge the legality of what President Bush was doing because that darn conservative Supreme Court would rule in his favor.

        Of course there is the possibility that he learned that maneuvour from Bill Clinton.

  3. So what I gather from your dislike of Bush and the years he was in office, you donated all of the money you made during those good economic times. Because there would be no way you could enjoy the spoils of your investments during this time because he was such a bad man…

  4. And those evil, illegal Presidential Signing Statements that Bush used where not started by him and are continuing to be used by Pres. Obama. Frank, since you have an “in”, please write Pres. Obama and ask him why he is violating the law.

    • I agree you need to talk to that Wootten fellow; he lives just a notch above the state of SC that has 7 of the 17 Tea Party Congressman. I try my best to humor him. Gotta keep reminding those people down south that Abe Lincolin was a Republican.

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