Everytime you see a movie or TV show that shows s criminal going into church to kill someone or the elderly mother going in to pray it is usually in the daytime and the church is always open.

There was a time when all churches kept their doors open all day for people to meditate, then items of value began to be taken from the church, homeless were sleeping in the church pews. As a result churches have to lock their doors.

Yesterday my 5 kids and I went to our parish in Seaford an hour and a half before the 5:30  to look at a memorial wall because we were going to post a leaf on the Giving Tree in memory of their mom and my bride and I needed help with the wording.

The doors were locked and not opened until 4:30 when confessions begin. I thought this was a shame. Growing up as an altar boy, and going to church with my parents and my kids as I became an adult the doors were always open.

I just can’t understand why people would vandalize anything, but especially a Church of God. What the heck are they being taught at home, is their hatred that much they must take it out on a place of worship.

It’s no secret to those who know me that I am at this time with the loss of my loved one at a young age, exactly in a spiritual mode, but damaging a place of worship is not on my list of how to vent my frustrations.

What is our society becoming?



  1. Your timing with this is impeccable Frank. Over the course of the last ten days or so Laurel Nazarene Church has been victumized not once but twice, having their AC units and copper tubing stolen. The vermin scum got two units, then returned a few nights later to get the third. Faith Baptist Church in Delmar also recently had a unit stolen. We recently had an oil drum stolen in our neighborhood, thefts of these magnatude take some obvious planning. In my mind, stealing from a church ranks only second to desecrating or vandalizing a grave as the absolute lowest act humanly possible. In the automotive business, the new thing is the theft of catalytic converters. Apparently these clowns are crawling under cars with rechargeable saws all type tools making two very clean cuts leaving the remaining parts of the exhaust system hanging. When you go to the salvage yards they take your license and record all pertinent information if your scrapping. I forsee that police detectives will be assigned to daily trips to such yards, as many of these crimes can be solved (if thats not happening already). I’ve always liked the idea of a twenty four hour prayer chapel, but between the theft and the fear of getting robbed it just isn’t practical. It’s not what is our society becoming, it’s what we already have become.

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