Anytime I have ever gotten a building permit I was check to see if my building and reason for building conformed with the building and zoning codes.

What happened with the “Soup Lady” appears to me to be one of those better to do it now and ask for forgiveness later.

What happened is the complex was built so the woman could cook and  feed the needy on site; what happened is no one got a permit to allow the change in zoning resulting in the county disallowing her to serve food on-site, instead she must continue carrying her soup to locations around the county.

The builder who built the complex for the “Extreme Makeover” TV show said the county knew what the building was going to be used for. Great, but my contractors always wanted to see my permit before they started construction.

The blame lies not only with the builder, but the county for allowing the construction without the zoning change.

I’m sure the schedule was rushed because of the TV production, but now we have a mess, a beautiful complex that can’t serve the purpose for which it was built.

I have mixed feelings regarding the zoning. Seeing the ‘foreigners’ who appeared in opposition, those who left crime filled cities to come to peaceful Sussex County feared the scum of the earth would cross their lawns to a bowl of soup.

But, drug and alcohol addicts don’t  look for food, they look for money to get their fix. Traffic could be another problem, but there is enough land for off-street parking.

I agree with Board of Adjustment member John Mills, who criticized the homebuilder for acting extremely irresponsibly by building a structure with that intent and not coming before his board and explaining their actions.

Thousands of volunteers worked for what they believed to be a good cause.

I will be interested when the show airs in November how they explain the building is useless because of a bureaucratic foul-up.


14 thoughts on “SOUP KITCHEN ON THE ROAD

  1. Here’s an interesting thought–is it a violation if the food is free? Whats the difference between inviting 30 or 40 people over for dinner and inviting 30 or 40 people “over for dinner”? It isn’t a restaurant or church or social club…… What is it? Good question, I think. May be they will apply for a conditional use…..
    I think everyone was caught up in the hype–hearts in the right place

  2. Just hand everyone that comes in an invitation shouldn’t even need to get a conditional use. After all we are all descended from Adam and Eve so we are all family, right. So it is a family dinner. This woman is trying to do a good thing and the Government just cannot stand it. That is why I just hate the United States Government from federal right down to local Municipal, they are the poison in our lives.

    • I agree with you John, but I think the problem with some residents was the possibility of ‘the wrong people’ staggering across their property, their worst nightmare, urninating on their property, drugs,etc. With today’s society that could happen to anyone any day of the year.

  3. You are correct Frank however; There are some Gentlemen named Colt, Winchester, Ruger, Smith and Wesson who could resolve these problems. That’s who I use. Lead poisoning can be fatal in large doses. I have signs posted at my doors that read We Don’t Call 911 with appropriate photos attached. Just sayin!!!!!

  4. John, I don’t believe every time you or your bride answer the door you are pointing a gun at who’s standing at the door; if you do you must quite often have to clean up after they leave.

  5. HAHA, my wife does not, Matt and I do if it is someone we do not know. I answered the door once with weapon in hand and the caller was an out of uniform State policeman. I did not know him!!! The people who live near the Souup Kitchen are fearing that homeless, vagrant type people may stay in the area. My point only was that there are means to stop, and/or discourage this from happening. I just think that whatever form of government is involved with doing this just needs to leave her alone. Again the government is absolutely jealous because they are not the “hero” in this situation and they just cannot stand it.

  6. I bet these folks would of thrown a party a few months ago if that Penn state coach was going to move in next door, look what he turned out to be. Maybe they ought to check the sex offenders web site to see just who is already living in their neighborhood. Yes many things were done wrong ,but to deny her the use of this facility is such a waste and needs to be resolved. I realize the land was freebie but questioned the location so far from those that need this service.Until those who oppose this actually work with a group such as this then they don’t know what they’re talking about.. Hopefully a catrostropihic illness never befalls them and in months they are totally wiped out and needing the services of such a group only to be faced with the same attiude that they are giving now.

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