News today is the supercommittee formed to cut federal deficit spending is poised for defeat according to the latest news.

Really?  Give me a couple of minutes to act surprised. Let’s see, the leaders of the Democrats named to the committee the most liberal members, the Republican leadership put together names of the most conservative members to serve. I had said in an earlier post when the committee was names tis would not work.

What did we expect, another Christmas miracle?

Republicans accuse Democrats of not being able to cut even a dollar in spending without saying it has to be accompanied by tax increases on the rich; Democrats claim they have put on the table a proposal that required tough compromises on both sides, but the Republicans didn’t.

You think the debate on raising the debt limit shook the stock market, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Think Americans out of work are suffering now; you ain’t seen nothing yet.

While these  selfish self-thinking legislators rush home to join family and friends for a Thanksgiving dinner, millions of Americans are wondering where their next meal will come from or where they will find a place to sleep tonight.

If no agreement is reached, millions who are now drawing unemployment checks risk losing their last line of some income; these are people economists say keep the economy rolling because they spend all they get mostly because of necessity.

At least $1.2 trillion dollars will be cut from programs mostly those that assist the needy should the supercommittee not come up with a deal and Congress does not approve their recommendations.

Looks like 2012 is going to be a reality show of its own, “Your Survival”!



  1. Politics at it’s best, or worst. I agree with what both side are pushing and I do not understand why a compromise is not something reasonable. Another reason to do away political parties. I have been saying for about 9 years now: The United States is headed for disaster!!! Learn to feed yourself and defend what is yours !!!

  2. I will Govern! Rush Limbaugh will assist! I would be glad to provide you with a weapon and ammo. It’s not the back door it’s the door through the garage!

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