I’ve often wondered how a business establishment is voted the best in their trade espcially when I thought there were many better than they were.

This year, one particular morning while reading my newspaper I noticed many ads of businesses from Claymont to Delmar and along the beaches urging readers to vote for them as their favorite pizza, steak house, clothing store, or whatever the business was.

Whether this has been done before, I supposed so, but this was the first time  I had actually seen it.

Sure enough the results came out in the same paper within a couple weeks with the Best of Delaware. Guess what; a lot of the winners were the same ones that asked for voter support.

I also noted last year while dinning with my bride in several issues of another Maryland magazine that featured businesses and how great they were. Upon further reading I would see these featured businesses purchased advertisement in the magazine the same time they were being raved about. A show me the money type of investment.

Having said that, I think I will keep using the same method to look for good food as a truck driver once told me; look for a lot of cars!



  1. I still think word of mouth is the best bet for choosing a restaurant. If the food and service is good you’ll hear about it from somewhere. What’s the old business cliche’…a customer who has a positive experience will share it with two people, a person who has a negative experience will share with ten. (or some kind of ratio like that). Since we’ve started living and eating better we’ve discovered several fine places to eat. It took me years to realize that there are other alternatives to buffets.

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