Two record sales days have fueled optimism that the economy may not face a second recession as predicted and that the economy may be on a real comeback.

Sales of Black Friday the traditional shopping day after Christmas when stores open early and have block busting items on sale, and Cyber Monday when people go online to make purchases broke sales records; in the case of Black Friday the old sales record was shattered.

Some economists say it is a sign that the economy is on the rebound, some say people are tired of doing without and have decided to purchase those items they have done without too long.

Whatever the reason, the stock market has loved the results making share holders happy.

Only the following weeks in December will tell if the economy is rebounding; if retailers have to drop prices to lure customers that is a sure sign business is not doing well. Time will tell.



  1. CBS news attributed the Black Friday increase to the fact that more people just flat did all of their shopping, or at least the bulk of it on that day in order to save money and will spend little else from now until Christmas. Personally I believe that after talking to some folks that I know in the big box world the news media is just reporting what the Government wants them to because Black Friday sales were not that good overall.

    • I’d be interested to know where you got you source of flat sales; would add that to this post. I’m sure there were some flat areas in sales, but overall the sales were up. These reports were not from government agencies but retail associations.

      • The majority of sales increases were attributed to stores that had extended their shopping hours and had expanded their product lines offered from the previous years. Comp store sales only showed slight increases overall. The Government still controls the information contained in these “retail association” reports so that they can get Obamma re-elected.

  2. Never knew there were so many people on Delmarva! ! ! this year was my first and LAST year black friday shopping experience. Couldn’t imagine a black friday in a good economy. Best thing I saw that night a truck with a 20 foot cargo trailer hooked to the back parked at a closed fast food restaurant the husbands were dinking coffee, when the wives pulled up with their SUV loaded to the gills with stuff and were sprinting to unload it to get back in the stores….. it was a good laugh.

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