I used to get a fuzzy feeling when someone announced their retirement to spend more time with family, and even sympathized with those who left because of health reasons.

Lately, I have become suspicious  of people announcing both reasons for leaving employment, because in some cases they return to a better paying position. Suddenly family and health become secondary.

The latest to fall into that  category is former Florida Gators football coach Urban Meyer who ‘retired’ last season citing health concerns and a desire to spend more time with his family.

Yesterday he penned a $4M contract as coach for Ohio State. Either he’s ticked off with his family or he has found a magic health pill to cure his ills.

He is also eligible for another $2.4 million totaling ‘retention payments’ whatever that is and he can also qualify for supplemental bonuses, whatever that is.

I guess the potential of earning almost $9M a year could make anyone feel better. He says he promised his family he wouldn’t work as hard, kinda take it easy so he wouldn’t endanger his health.

Buddy I have a news flash for you; if you don’ produce a winner at Ohio state you will be back to loving your family and your health problems.

Other areas where people ‘retire’ because of wanting family time or health reasons are politicians, and CEO’s of top fortune 500 companies. Politicians come back as lobbyists, and CEO’s end up with another company.

In the case of politicians, they leave because they are facing a tought re-election campaign and fear losing; the CEO’s have screwed up the company they are heading and see disaster ahead, choosing to get out before the dam burst.

In the case of Meyer I imagine he wanted a fatter contract in Florida, which they balked at, so he walked.  Money talks, BS walks.



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