I don’t believe we’ve seen the second coming when HE is supposes to return to earth and lamb blast us, unless HE has sent Herman Cain to do his work.

Cain, now a disposed presidential candidate dropped out today for the Republican bid amidst rumors of infidelity of a 13 year affair, he calls just helping out a friend.

Amazing how all the single women in the world how lucky this women was the only one he sought to help out financially in return for nothing, conveniently not telling his spouse of his willingness to give. 

Now he thinks he is going to be a GOD putting together a telecommunications network through his website to create policy for the other candidates; in other words they are going to take his advice, his 9-9-9 tax policy shot so full of holes it looks like 0-0-0- and ideas he thinks the people want to hear.

He doesn’t understand he vaulted to the top of the presidential candidates because the others fell all over themselves; he thinks he’s that good that although he is out of the race people will listen to him.

It appears Mr. Cain has not read the story of Rudolph the Red-nosed reindeer who got kicked around when he was nothing, and people only befriended him and listened to him when he was atop the heap.

Mr. Cain, I hate to burst your bubble, but you are pre-historic Rudolph, history, a regular Joe.

He had met with a group of investors prior to his announcement apparently selling them on his idea. That money may last about a month and when it dries up he’ll be in worse shape than Rudolph.

Apparently he thinks his drop in the ratings to single digit from his double digit lead a few weeks ago will come back.

Mr. Cain, you ain’t no Newt who is enjoying a jump-start to his once sagging campaign, only because you don’t know how to keep zipped up.

Go home Mr. Cain, eat some of your God Father pizza; you have proven it works better than Viagra. Like toast; you’re done!



  1. I really feel like this country could benefit from someone that is not a “Career Politician”.. We have had these types in office for a long time and I think we all know where this has gotten us so far. “If you always do what you always did you will always get what you always got!” As for the Viagra comment. I seem to recall a certain Democrat President that did the same thing while he was “on the clock”. but you are probably right, it is far worse to do that when you are only hurting your family then when you are representing the most powerful country in the world.

    • Quite aware of the president you refer to, and I have written many times about my feelings of his behavior, 2 wrongs don’t make a right. The article was about Mr. Cain, not enough space to mention all the politicians with a zipper problem. Underestand Mr. Clinton likes pizza as well; wonder if he likes Godfather Pizza; if so there may have been more to the story than I even knew.

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