I’ve often written there is a big difference in understanding how business operates when you sign your paycheck on the back of the check from your employer than signing the bottom of the front of the check when you have to make sure the money is there.

There is no way a person understands the pressure of running a business, especially a small one. Small businesses are the back bone of America with over 75% of businesses with 5 or fewer employees.

Those who walk in the door and ask for donations don’t understand why an employee may say no to giving a donation. The person usually walks away thinking the merchant is a terrible person not willing to support his cause.

The words, “It’s tax deductible” is the cry often heard from the solicitor. Little do they know there was snow on the ground that week, or there is a recession and business sucks. Who needs a tax deduction when you really need  more sales.

I’ve been watching one Christmas drive on a television show; it takes a little effort for them to think everyone should send $1000 for this charity. They test your conscience by saying if you don’t some kid is going to wake up Christmas with nothing under the tree.

They say charity starts at home. What about the employees family having something under the tree?

Small businesses are the target of everyone because all you have to do is walk in the front door unlike trying to get an appointment with the boss of a major company.

After all people can see ‘how much money’ a small business makes. Look at all the people who walk through their door. The business person doesn’t have any expenses; the goods are delivered free of costs, utilities courtesy of the companies, insurance is free and his employees don’t mind working for nothing.

Sure, and I have a bridge to sell you.



  1. This is an issue that I’ve been involved with both as a manager of a small business and of a big box retailer. When I was at Gander the mindset seemed to be that because we were a big company that we should be able to give away hundreds of dollars of merchandise to everyone who had a cause. In the parts business it’s more of a constant barage of requests for door prizes, ads in programs etc.etc. I think what I struggle with most (I realize this won’t win me any fans) is the requests to sponsor little Suzie in the “Miss Give me some kind of title pagent.” I agree Frank, It’s a tough call. Expenses are constanly rising at a rate exceeding increase of sales.

  2. The reason that the small businesses get hit so hard is because on a local level big business gives very little. One of the locations that I was at had just come out of a fiscal year where that location alone had shown a net profit of over $1 million. They gave us a budget for local donations the next year of $1500.00. They will give more if it is a national charity and they will get lots of publicity from it. One location of a different company had just shown a $5 million profit and was given a local donation budget the next year of $3000.00. Pitiful in my opinion!

  3. Most small businessmen and women that I know are very generous. They not only give their company’s money, but their personal funds and their time. They also allow their employees to devote time to projects while being on the clock. When you add, it all up– Most businesses give alot. It is hard because most companies do have a hard dollar budget; however, my experience says when a real need arrises people step up. We live in a great Country.

  4. I have always supported our local business people. We have asked for many donations from many local business people throughout the years and in my experience they have always been willing to give donations. Many times these donations are unadvertised. I do not like the tactics that the television station is taking. I see many of our small business people being forced out by big companies and I think it is a shame. Times are hard for everyone. Sometimes these small businesses pay their employess and take little to no pay for themselves when business is slow.

    • I have a lump in my throat each time I see WBOC asking for $1000 donations like most businesses have a money tree. I womder how much the TV personalities have donated? I remember being a small business person and in hard times there were times I didn’t take in $1000 a month.

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