For those who still believe politics should be fair and have a level playing field and  favoritism shouldn’t happen…forget it.

Since President Andrew Jackson uttered his  famous line, “To the victors go the spoils” politics has always seen a reward system.

It happen again in Dover when in mid-term of the legislature,Senate President Pro Tem Tony DeLuca dumped a member of the Bond Committee in favor or another senator who give him  the deciding vote to remain in that position.

Senator Colin Bonini, unsuccessful candidate for State Treasuer  last election bolted from his Republican  family to give DeLuca the 11th vote needed to ward off a challenge from his own party, which has 14 members in the Senate.

Both deny it was a favor returned saying the Republican minority leader Gary Simpson wanted downstate representation, but the minority leader said he didn’t personally like making the change in the middle of a session, but acknowledged DeLuca had the power to make the change.

Bumped from the line-up was Sen. Liane Sorenson who served on the committee for years, and as minority whip. Along with the position goes a hefty addition to their pay as a legislator.

Bonini, who has never voted yes on the  states budget bill, has been norturous for not showing up at committee meetings while still getting paid, and had to my knowledge never introduced  a worthy piece of legislation, or any at all.

Sen. Robert Venables   D-Laurel, who was appointed as Chairman of the Bond Committee by former Pro-Tem President Thurman Adams and still holds that position knows who butters his bread saying it was “a good  gesture on DeLuca’s part” to honor Simpson’s original request to have Bonini on the panel.

It’s been a long time coming, but Venables has finally learned how to play the game.


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