Newt Gingrich’s rapid rise from a has been to the top of the Republican presidential polls has Republican leaders wondering what happened?

They say he is not particularly honest and doesn’t share their values.

I think I know the answer. Republicans have “a do as I say not as I do attitude”. They don’twant government spending for programs unless it also benefits them.  Social programs for the poor are a no-no, but don’t take away their social security or medicare.

Iowa evangelical Christians are flocking to Gingrich, a man who was unfaithful to two wives, paid $300,000 in House ethics fines and converted to Roman Catholicism a cardinal sin among evangelical Christians.

He speaks against government spending but has been paid millions in the government influencing business.

Republicans polled say they value his experience far more than his rivals. Here is a man who wanted Clinton’s impeachment when his sex scandal became public but showed no shame when he was married and had a mistress, an affair with a House staffer, now his wife.

Republicans want President Obama out of the white house so badly a Times-CBS poll, nearly half of Iowa Republicans said it’s more important to pick a nominee who can beat Obama than to have one who agrees with them on the issues. 

Otherwords, screw family values, tax cuts for the rich, help for the needy, just give us someone who  can defeat Obama.

So much for the 10 commandants.  



  1. It’s becoming painfully obvious to me that while there will be a clear cut winner in election 2012, there will be an even bigger loser. God help us!

  2. I do not understand Newt’s rise either. One day the republicans are in a muddled mess the next day Gingrich is way ahead. I am casting a write in vote for someone other than either major party candidate no matter who they are! I may not even vote! Been voting since 1978 and things have progressively gotten worse. Maybe if I stop voting things will start gatting better. Just a thought!

  3. O’Donnell’s endorsement is a well thought out plan…it’s the kiss of death for Romney. I’m still waiting for a darkhorse to emerge, kind of like the last guy to bid at an auction. Let two or three run it up, then jump in and take it away.

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