I  was Sussex County Democrat Chairman the same time Bill Lee was for the Republican Party, back in the 70’s; then he was an attorney. We became good friends and have remained that way today.

Our goal as chairman was to put together a ticket for our respective parties, and above all to try to avoid more than one person wanting to seek the same office, aka Primaries.  I usually had the problem of too many candidates because the Democrat registration was very high and we controlled all the county offices.

Poor Bill had to scratch and pull to fill his ticket, so primaries were not his main problem, unless he was more persuasive than I was.

Most chairman catch heat from the party faithful when they can’t prevent a primary. I don’t think even GOD could avoid a primary when egos of the candidates are involved.

Sussex Country Republicans are flexing their muscle after their tidal wave last election  winning all row offices, control of the County Council and all House and Senate seats that were up for grab.

They are so excited they believe if given the opportunity to have candidates from Sussex County they could defeat U.S. Senator Tom Carper, and first term Congressman John Carney.

They have revamped their county committee electing Glen Urquhart, unsuccessful candidate for U.S. House in 2010, county chairman.

The recent reapportionment has given Sussex another state senate seat, the newly drawn 6th district in coastal Sussex.

Sussex still at odds with the Republican leadership in NCC did not embrace the candidacy of a person now living in Sussex but with GOP ties in NCC. Guess the locals figured NCC sent down a Trojan Horse.

So much mistrust, the supposedly peacemaker Urquhart has decided to seek the same senate seat.

I would have thought from his last run for office which resulted in a primary with Las Vegas favorite Michelle Rollins. As the saying goes with primaries; “You may win the battle, but you usually lose the war.” Theer is always a division within the party; the primary is just a month away. “You can’t hate them in September and love ’em in November” is another old-timer saying.

In this  instance the winner of the primary could still win. The district was supposed to have been drawn to benefit Republicans and the Democrat candidate is considered beatable.

But what if other candidates for other offices want a primary. Will Urquhart say, “Do as I say not as I do”?  Don’t think that’s going to work bud.

Or they could do as the Democrats did when I was chairman; we were so successful we began fighting among ourselves, going our separate ways not as a unified party.

We self-distruck and the Republicans  crept in the next election. Republicans in Sussex have the registration behind them and have peaked in controlling all the offices in Sussex.

Beware of success.


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