Forget the Salvation bell ringers or other charities trying to collect for those in need, there is a more severe group that needs your money.

Delmarva Power is pitching their plea to the Public Service Commission seeking an estimated $39 million to cover the move to the new smart meter, spread out over 15 years. Really?

The smart meter was supposed to save consumers and Delmarva money and headaches. Delmarva eliminating reader meter positions; allows the utility to check remotely if a home or business is receiving power which means earlier notice of outages.

The installation cost $72 million, much of it offset by savings, but almost $32 million of recovering their cost after unsuccessfully trying to sell the old meters, having to settle for a buck a meter.

What irks me is Delmarva never emphasized to the public that it would seek repayment for the old meters. Delmarva says they told the commission.

Further Delaware Electric Co-Op installed the smart meters without charging its members anything. The operational savings from the new meters offset the entire cost of installin them, that utility reports.

Shows me Delmarva doesn’t know how to run a business.

Delmarva reports in the filing it would only seek recovery from customers after they would help ratepayers save money on the supply side of their bills.

I’ve never seen anything the utility companies did to save me money do nothing but cost me more.  Bah, Humbug! 



  1. Oh Great!!! I guess our electric bill is going up AGAIN! Its bad enough two years ago our electric bill went up because we were paying for those who can’t pay their bill. We then only had one income in the family so things were already hard for us at that time and then make us pay for those who don’t pay their bill.

  2. Don’t forget they went to the PSC a couple of weeks ago for a rate increase to pay for damage from Irene. Between the 2 requests it will be an almost $24 a month increase in your bill. I always heard they had insurance for storm damage and am wondering if this is a way to make back their stock loses from several years ago. I can’t imagine what kind of increase they would be asking for if we ever have another ice storm. But DPL don’t worry, the word no is not in the PSC langauge.

    • Sorry but I forgot the 3rd increase they have for funding their investment into some pie in the sky fuel cell company. Between the 3 it will be almost 30 bucks when they kick into effect. So much for deregulation and being able to purchase your electric somewhere else. Only happens for major power users.

  3. The social worker (in me) is so grateful for funding to assist those with outrageous
    Delmarva Power bills, especially my senior citizens and others on fixed incomes.
    Give me Coop. any day…

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