Many people will be glad to see 2011 go; Sussex County Sheriff Jeff Christopher who has had a bad year is one of them.

The County Council rejected his request again to beef up the activities of his deputies, he had an encounter with SC Councilman Vance Phillips, lost it on a last minute field goal between his legs, and now his appeal to the State Attorney Generals office to press charges against Phillips has been denied.

Three strikes you’re out.

The sheriff did receive one bit of good news, an olive branch of sorts from Phillips, recouperating in a Philadelphia hospital after suffering back injuries in an ultralight plane crash, who said he would have handled things differently and apologized for “this unfortunate and embarassing episode”.

Phillips statement came a day after the AG’s office said they would not file charges against him stating the sheriff’s account account of the incident clashed with that of eyewitnesses.

Strike four?

The AG’s report said Phillips did not intend to harm the shefiff when he threw a notbook at him and injured him; hmmm, wonder what the AG would say the same if Phillips had shot him?

I’m not going to rehash the child-like actions of the two; following is an account of the AG’s report and Phillips statement:


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