I may be in the minority on this one, but I have never understood the concern this country has over other countries who don’t suck up to us shouldn’t have nuclear weapons.

These countries are Israel, Iran and North Korea who this country think should not have access to nuclear weapons.

Sometimes this country speaks with forked-tongue. We don’t condone dictators, unless we own the dictator. Saddam was our buddy until he took control of the oil fields away from American capitalists, then he was our enemy.  Same way with the Shah of Iran before he was overthrown. He protected American companies that owned all the refineries, America dumped foreign aid to him that never saw the poor that needed the food.

Now America is uptight because N. Korea dictator Kim Jong 11 is dead and they say his son, only 20, might be trigger happy and want to fire up a nuclear weapon.

Really?  That country doesn’t even have enough electricity to light up at night; only the perimeter of the coast has lights, the inner surface has no electric. The people are starving. What do they have to gain by firing a missile; total elimination would be the result and nuclear weapons would be dropping in from this country and others.

Same with Iran and Israel, midget powers. We don’t seem to have a problem with China having nuclear weapons; they treat their people like slaves, have the highest pollution in the world, there is no such thing as human rights, everything we do not tolerate they do.

But they are the ‘friend’ of the industrialists in this country. American companies are making billions off the back of the Chinese workers and that’s ok, plus we are indebted to them as they hold notes on our debt.

N. Korea wants a nuke so they won’t be harassed by this country or other countries, including their neighbor S. Korea. It’s an Ace in their hand.

Many countries have nuclear weapons and the ICBM’s to deliver besides this country and China; France, Britain, India and Pakistan.

One thing George Bush said during a debate with Al Gore that impressed me was when he said, “We cannot continue to police the world”, meaning  our troops shouldn’t be all over the world; unfortunately after he was elected he forgot those words and started two conflicts.

But his words ring true; let’s worry about the problems of this country and keep our nose out of other people’s business. We cannot change the lives and positions of centuries of countries traditions.

Within a few years Iraq will be as corrupt as they were before we entered; that’s all those people know is corruption. As rotten as Saddam and Kim Jong were, people were lined in the streets bawling off their heads when they passed. All dictators when they over throw a regime want freedom for their people, then become corrupt.

You can’t straighten a tree once it’s been leaning for years. Give them the  damn bomb and let them self-destruct themselves.



  1. In the words of the great American philosopher Forrest Gump “I’m not a smart man” … understanding is we give aid to North Korea (mostly food) so they won’t pursue nuclear capabilities. Why give them aid at all? If they can’t provide for their people, perhaps they will either have to spend their money to BUY food, thus not leaving them adequate funds for nuclear programs, or the people when faced with certain starvation will revolt. It seems like a win-win for us. Sell them food, or watch the dictatorship crumble.

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