I think it’s wonderful celebrities donate to charities around the world and get all this publicity and a great tax deduction, but it really ticks me off when I read about all those in this country who need help.

Oprah Winfrey is spending millions on a school for kids in Africa; wonderful; in her own back yard in Chicago schools are falling down for lack of maintenance, crime is rapid in schools.

It’s getting so these celebrities are upsetting with their need to help abroad. Our country sends billions of help abroad, most of that goes to the leaders of the counties and the poor suffer; then we wonder why these people hate us?

This year what I usually spent on my bride for Christmas I have given to three local groups to help needy families. Yesterday I was told of two kids who were wearing blankets because they had no coats. This is BS!

I know the local TV station will give some money to a few or our local organizations, but donating there is an ego trip to have your name on TV. Why not give that money to the local Good Sam group, senior center, Boys/Girls Club, schools, police fund or any group that helps the needy where every cent of your money stays here and is not split everywhere?

Charity begins at home people! MerryChristmas.


11 thoughts on “CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME

  1. I hear Good Samaritan is assisting 900 individuals from our Laurel…AMAZING!
    Please donate to them…believe me, this outstanding organization needs and deserves
    our support!

  2. This is a source of irritation for me as well. Where are the concerts and fundraisers for the flood victums, the tornado victums etc. etc. here at home?

  3. I do not mind giving to those who need and can’t do for themselves. The problem is that I do not want to give to those who need and won’t do for themselves. I don’t give to organizations for them to disperse. I learned this when I helped deliver Christmas baskets for several years. Made me sick !!!!!

    • I hear where you are coming from; had the same experiences when I was a Jaycee delivering; dad in the bar drunk the kids and mom with nothing to eat nor clothe.
      But the kids are the innocent victims, they can’t help their environment. Christmas is about the kids not the adults. Of course if you’re a Bible toter, it’s not about either.

  4. The Good Samaritain Aid Organization will service 264 families which is a total of 932 individuals of which 506 are children during the 2011 Christmas season. The individuals serviced are by and large deserving of the assistance. The goal of the Christmas basket program is to make sure that kids in need receive a Christmas gift on Christmas morning. We realize that some people will abuse the system, but by and large, the program is successful in servicing just that goal. As an organization, Good Sam is blessed with many dedicated volunteers and supporters. If you have some extra time, volunteer at the Good Sam thrift shops. It is truly an eye-opening experience. We are especially in need of individuals with strong backs and younger individuals. Just guessing, but I would say the average age of the active volunteers is 75! Truly amazing! We sincerely appreciate any support our community gives.

    • Truly a good group that has done alot for this community. Good luck with finding younger people; they are usually too busy with their own agends let alone think of helping someone else. If someone could solve my back problems that would be a good place to spend time.

  5. The sad thing about giving at any level, be it local or national is somone will find a way to manipulate the system. I saw earlier today on Facebook that someone was at the Deluxe dairy market in Seaford with a pickup full of “food baskets” under a tarp trying to sell them for $45.00 per box. The ironic thing is, apparently these were identical to the ones WBOC had showed Mountaire farms and other civic organizations giving away. This brings to light several questions. Could this person obtained that many baskets on their own accord? Or is there someone on the inside getting these baskets to her to sell to realize some type of profit? Regarding the local Good Samaritan shop, I wholeheartedly agree…a great group who have done so much for this community.

  6. Mr. Frank and other “charitable” cynics~
    I am yet again disappointed in the lack of generosity or perhaps more due to the tunnel vision that you seem to have.
    My father, a successful business and christian has recently had the opportunity to travel to Africa and spend nearly a month working to provide wells for children, families, and villages that walk for miles to carry 8 gallon pails of dirty, bacteria infested water for their families to drink, cook, and bathe with. Oftentimes, this is the same water source that use to do their laundry and a drinking hole for their livestock.
    SHAME ON YOU -to think that you know what poverty is… take a moment to imagine having to watch your toddler dying because he or she has consumed dirty water, provided by you, the parent – let alone receive healthcare, education, and the other basic “nessecities” that we as americans take for granted. I am sickened to think that you are so limited in your generosity. Take the time to educate yourselves before speaking or typing and perhaps you’ll find that (to quote you, Mr. Frank) “give til it hurts” should apply to all of our neighbors- not just the ones you deem worthy.

    • Julie thank you for your honesty; I do know where you are coming from; We have family in foreign countries struggling, not to the extent you refer, but need help. My problem is our government sends billions in aid to many of those countries you refer to, but they never reach the intended, instead it goes to the dictator or leader of that country and their family/friends. My family has documented this for me. And we wonder why 3rd world countries hate us?
      I am not against helping those you mention, but I vomit when I see our elected officials, particulary on the conservative side want to and have been successful in cutting social programs in this country when the need now is greater than ever. And I am totaly against celebrities sending money abroad when it is the people in this country who pay for their damn concerts, buy their CD’s and albums, and see their movies.
      We have the same problems in this country you refer to; a shame don’t you think of the greatest country in the world?
      I have no shame in what I wrote. I came from poverty, my father and mother came from poverty; I don’t have to see it I lived it, and I still feel it! You don’t have to be a successful businessman or christian to feel for the poor. Apparently you have never lived in poverty?

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