If you want to know what $1 million dollars will buy you, trying knocking off a front-runner for president with negative advertising.

Much of it bankrolled by Mitt Romney’s allies the advertising has eroded Newt Gingrich’s standing in Iowa and thrown the Republican presidential race wide open again  two weeks before the voting.

For my readers who haven’t understood the impact of the U.S. Supreme ruling that allows unlimited campaign donations without revealing where the money comes from this is a fly on a cows butt.

With the lead changing almost weekly from Romney, Cain, and Gingrich there is a possibility that libertarian-leaning Texas Rep. Ron Paul could pull off the win in the Iowa caucus state, the first in the country, Jan. 3.

What’s so funny about that is Paul has only 3% in the polls.

And a new development, someone is circulating stories former Florida governor and son of Bush Sr., Jeb Bush  is interested in seeking the presidential nomination for the Republican party. Jeb of course is denying this.

That’s all we need is another Bush in the White House; 2 recessions, so we really need another one and more wars?



  1. I don’t know what polls you’re looking at, but Paul is certainly not at 3%. That would be Santorum or Huntsman, who have no chance of winning the nomination and are just hoping to be picked for a running mate. Paul has hovered around 10% all year, and was always, in my opinion, part of the “top tier” that the media likes to talk about. Now he’s in third nationally, and first in Iowa with just under 25%, which is amazing for a libertarian in a social conservative stronghold.

    Amazing, but not surprising to those who have been paying attention. Paul has polled well in Iowa all along, and nearly won the Ames straw poll last summer. His popularity has been ignored, dismissed, and ridiculed, but he’s run a strong, clean campaign, and it makes sense that conservative voters would choose Dr. Consistent over Gingrich and his personal and political baggage.

      • Well, if that’s because you’re hoping that Obama will be replaced by a principled, consistent constitutionalist who will bring the troops home and fix the economy, then we’re on the same page. But if you’re thinking that it would be easier for Obama to defeat Paul than Romney or Gingrich, then I’m not so sure; Paul is the “hope and change” that Obama promised in ’08 but never delivered, and many Democrats — especially the youth who fueled Obama’s victory — recognize that.

  2. As a longtime registered republican I can honestly say that there have been a lot of republicans that I have not supported. I have not supported any president of either party since Ronald Reagan. What I DO NOT understand is how even a democrat can support Obamma? Right now, politically, I am even ashamed to be an American. And do not have to hang my head or hide in a closet when I say that. This country is headed for big trouble and there are to few Rebels like myself willing to stand up and say that !!!! I hope that they call and poll me!!!!

  3. Well John you probably don’t want to hear this, but after having Bush, and seeing what your party has to offer it’s easy for me to support Obama. The Republican candidates can’t agree on what to do for this country; I haven’t heard anything they want that would support my cause; jobs, social security, medicare, nothing on healthcare. At least the guy we have in there, far from perfect, but he’s trying to look out for the working class. His problem is both parties owe their soul to the lobbyists, big interest and screw you and me.

  4. I don’t mind hearing it at all Frank. Registered republican only because that’s what I did years ago and they don’t have a Rebel party or I would certainly change. I do not consider the Republican my party any more !!!!! Matter of fact if had kept a tally in the last 12 years have probably voted for more democrats than republicans only because when I cast a vote it is for a person, not a party.

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