I never understood why both political parties and voters in general put so much stock in the first presidential primaries in Iowa. No way are their voters a cross-section of the American population.

First more than 90+ percent of the population is all white and minorities are far and few in between. Just look at photos of the people attending the meetings and count, if you see any at all minority faces. You can go for miles in Iowa and not see a black person.

The latest census shows there are as many minorities in the United States as they are solid white honkies. So how is it when they vote in Iowa January do the results mirror the population in this country? Even the second state New Hampshire has similar numbers as Iowa.

When you get to Super Tuesday and get the mix of southern and industrial states can you begin to gather a true picture of who would best represent the American people.

Many party nominees have lost the first two primaries and came out as eventual winners. All the first two primaries do is pump up more money from donors who think they are backing a winner and want to hop on the band wagon. Hold back your predictions until Super Tuesday.


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