Thought I’d take in a good movie flick today with some action and chose stud Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible # 3?4?. Action I got plenty of, mission impossible…a lot of that fiction also.

It must be nice to have any car you want at your beckoning and when you need someone elses car to steal/borrow, it has an automatic starter; each time you are falling to your death, a platform comes out of no where in time to catch you; you always stop the bomb from going off with a couple of seconds on the clock no matter what time you start looking for the bomb.

And money is no object even when you move from country to country and you have been dumped by the home office and are offered no support system.

Man’s best laid plans always have a glitch, but wait, somewhere near you is the tool you need to get you out of a jam. And all the big computer equipment they always have on hand, and how they can smuggle it into buildings without being recognized is amazing. Magicians could learn a lot from these guys.

Haven’t ever been hit in the head with an aluminum suit case, I wonder how many times you have to be cracked in the head before you go down. In this movie no matter how many times you get hit, you always can manage to get up and ask for another clobbering.

And the bad guy always appears to be dead, but when the hero’s back is turned the ‘dead’ victim opens one eye, or moves one finger and lunges at you one more time; this time the eye opened, but Tom saved the day and the bad guy said “The hell with it” and apparently decided to die.

A unbelivable ending with Tom and a female, which I shall not reveal for those who haven’t seen this flick. A good action movie, but a mission impossible. I enjoyed the free bag of popcorn.



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