Like many people I’m becoming turned off by politics as usual. Republicans ae looking for an ‘ultra-conservative’ candidate for president because they feel the country has gone too far to the left, and the Democrats accuse the Republicans of going too far to the right.

If the Democrats were looking for a presidential candidate in the upcoming Iowa primary candidates would be bashing each other for being ‘too soft’ or ‘too conservative’.

Since the Republicans are trying to take over the Oval Office they are slamming each other for being too liberal, totally ignoring the problems of the country they wish to serve.

Have you heard any solutions to health care, our overseas activity, taxes on the wealthy, pro or con, how to get out economy rolling, unions, minimum wage, social security or Medicare?

My argument to anyone who opposes what the current administration has done or seeks to do is give me an alternative. I have never dwelled into an issue to argue unless I had a suggested alternative; it may not be a good solution, it may lead into a compromise, or it may be a dud, but it is my attempt to reach out.

You’d have to be an idiot not to know something has to be done with our healthcare system. Don’t like Obama’s healthcare, then offer an alternative, may be we can meet halfway or maybe they can use an idea or two. Have you seen an offer from the other side of the aisle; no just criticism.

If social security and Medicare are in jeopardy, give me your best shot, let’s work together. This crap of standing your ground has got to go, this is not what the founding fathers had in mind. Surely there was a lot of give and take drafting the Constitution and Bill of Rights; there might have even been a fight or two.

The dividing line between the two parties has widened, reaching across the aisle is unheard of.

Compromise is an important word; anyone who wants a successful marriage must understand this. It is not always a 50-50 compromise, sometimes for the sake of harmony it may be a lop-sided compromise but that opens the door for a lop-sided decision in your favor next time.

A person who wants to be a winner all the time is a FOOL!



  1. I saw on the news one night that the Republicans were taking their decision to the Democrats. (showing a man walking across hallway into another room) If they aren’t even actually talking to each other, no wonder nothing is getting done. I think the Republicans should pick “x” amount of their committee and Democrats do the same for each problem Health Care, Medical ect. Put them in a room with no windows, send food in as needed, potty breaks at designated times … and get something done in a timely manner. The huge books that each party are having to read to make a decision is crazy. Just saying!

    • Sandy they just tried that with the debt limit having an equal number from both sides and it ended up deadlocked. When the rick get everything they want and realize there is no one left to buy their product because they don’t have jobs, mmaybe something will start to move.

  2. Frank, you’ve got to come a little too…the tax loopholes for the wealthy, while a major concern is not responsible for all our problems. It’s time for a complete do-over. Both sides, both parties, government agencies and programs. Do it in the name of compromise. For every program or change for the wealthy, reevaluate and reform an entitlement program. Also redefine what an entitlement is. Social security in not an entitlement, it was earned. My mother worked her entire life to die broke. I have a problem with that. The manufacturing of products needs to stay/come back here. We have to give people and incentive to work, not give them everything for nothing. We have to quit being the policemen for the world. We need to quit electing rich people and go back to electing working people to office. Small business owners, farmers, heck even auto parts salesmen, and leave the lawyers practicing law.

    • Brain the way I wrote my post that was a given my side had to give too, but when you come to the bargaining table as the 8 members of Congress did, and one side wants to cut entittlements, abolish, not relax environomental regs and not want to eliminate any tax breaks for the wealthy, just how much are you willing to give without getting? The preseident has been willing to talk about his social agenda, but he has asked for some relief in the way of more taxes on the wealthy. Again the Republicans won’t put anything on the table unless the presidents leave the Bush tax cuts in place. That fair?

  3. i am a very uneducated person politically and i know this is too simplistic, but it just seems from the very get-go everyone ( notice i didn’t use the r word) made a group decision that no way, no how are we going to support this man in anything he tries. i’m sure he made many bad decisions, but hate breeds hate. it seems clear to me that nobody’s agenda had anything to do with what’s good for the country. instead it seems more like an internal war that just happens to be without guns and without actually declaring war. it’s not about the cause but more about winning. alright, i’m braced. sock it to me.

    • Your preception is right on; it’s a matter of record the ‘r’ factor has said they want to make sure is a one term present; as did ole wind-bag Rush. Shame, many have suffered unnecessarily but the ‘r’ factor doesn’t seem to care.

      • It is indeed a matter of perception. The way I perceive things is that Obama is a my way or the highway guy who runs ands pouts to the press bad bad congress when he’s asked to compromise. He managed to shove a healthcare bill down our throats by March 2009, a stimulus package (which failed miserably, because it went to the very people he now says are the problem) and was relentless in doing so. That’s why I say we need a complete do-over….don’t reelect any rep or senator that’s served over two terms….

  4. All of this blathering from the guy who dumped all over Cain’s 9-9-9 plan without knowing the details of the plan. So much for compromise (liberal’s definition is that it’s compromise if you agree with me).

  5. Thanks to the U.S. Governments “Entitlement” programs “We The People” became “Me The Person”!!! Gimme, Gimme, Gimme!
    Prepare to sustain yourself and defend what is yours!!!!!

    • Jim I could talk to you till I was blue in the face and never change your mind, but how about this one. Do you recall Democrats making a statement their goal was to make Bushie a one-term president, and vow to distroy anything he brought forth? And I’ll leave it ay that; we can start over next year because I know we ae going to differ on the presidential candidates. Have a good one. Give my best to your lovely bride.

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