An interesting report on our progress in 2011; surprised this blog was seen world-wide. Worth reading, and thanks for your support. Congratulations to John Trivits for being the top contributor to this Blog followed by Bob Wootten, Brian Whaley, and Carol Lowe.



  1. I was kind of suprised to see I made the list considering I was a bit of a late comer. Now I’m wondering if this makes me some type of windbag who feels he has to offer his opinion on everything, or perhaps making the list is a honorable feat of which I should be proud. I will choose the latter of the two scenarios. I truly have learned a lot from participating in these forums and I certainly don’t have to agree with everyone to accomplish that. Frank, I thank you for making this possible and look forward to sharing many thoughts, opinions and perhaps even a spirited debate or two in the future.

    • Brian there are those who comment, those who just bitch to themselves and those who contribute. You have been critical of some of my comments, but you have offered alternatives, and we have agreed to disagree. Then there are those like some in Congress who are just critical but offer no compromise or alternatives. While I appreciate both types of contributors, it is people like yourself that makes this blog the success it is. Constructive criticism is good for the soul. Unlike some blogs that don’t allow comment, this has been a wide open blog. Thanks for your participation.

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