Linda Wintjen filed for the upcoming Laurel school board election, a seat curently held by Dot Hickman who is serving her first term.

If you’re not familiar with the name, Linda is a local gal, the daughter of the late Alvin and Ruth Hitchens, long-time poultry growers and owners of 150+ farm land. She graduated from L.H.S. in 1971, one of 11 family members to graduate from Laurel.

She was married to the late Eddie Walmsley, they had two children, Kelly now an Education/Disabilities Specialists with Telamon Corp., Milford, and Kevin a former English teacher at Laurel, now a Guidance Counselor, and coach of the girl’s varsity basketball team.

Her husband Gary and Linda have ben married for 19 years.

Linda has been a fixture at the local school board meetings for the past 2 1/2 years and served on the referendum committee, and the committee to select a liaison person to oversee the building project. She and the committee did not recommend to the board the boards selection, rather recommended a building and grounds person, which was over ruled by the previous school board.

Linda has been endorsed by LEADS the group that organized in an effort to persuade the board to keep Dr. John McCoy on as superintendent and later endorsed Patrick Vanderslice who went on to defeat incumbent Calvin Musser by an overwhelming margin.



  1. I’m so glad to hear that Linda has officially filed to run for Laurel School Board. She has been dedicated, hard working and very involved with the school district, community and School Board over the last couple of years.

    She has attended almost every board meeting for the last 2 1/2 years, often quietly taking notes. Usually when she does speak publically at meetings, it is with “constructive criticism” and suggestions, many of which have been ignored.

    Linda has the business experience, knowledge of the district and its issues and the demeanor to handle herself very well and work for the betterment of our community.
    Like Patrick, she may take a lickin’ but will keep on tickin’! She has my vote.

  2. There is no one we would rather have watching our tax dollars being spent than a “Hitchens,” most especially, Linda Hitchens Wintgen. Linda is a fine individual and she is an excellent candidate for the Laurel School Board. We have no doubt that each dollar would have to be accounted for and she would be very efficient. As far as we are concerned, Linda has excelled in each endeavor she has ever worked on and she never does anything halfway as she gives 100%. We feel she is very passionate about the school district and the community. We have noticed that she never just ‘blurts out an answer” without thinking as she is so organized and she is also so very professional. She is a great mother to her children and they are very accomplished due to her direction. The longer we know her the more we admire her.

  3. As Linda has stated publically at a past School Board meeting, she is passionate towards her school district. She is so ready to serve she is about to bust and that is what we want and need for out children. I have a feeling she will have no contenders, but if she does we will support her by our votes. I am ready for a Linda to join forces with the supportive side of our Board and I know she has LSD at her best interest. A fund-raiser is planned on March 19th @ the Georgia House. Anyone interested in helping contact me. We will have more particulars @ a later date. The election to vote for Linda will be the 2nd Tuesday in May, falling on May 8th and will be located at the High School. Mark your calenders. Sincerely.

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