When Verizon Wireless announced an $2 fee for customers using online bill payments for their telephones, 95,000 customers joined an internet group urging Verizon to drop the fee. Verizon did.

That was the headline, but the real story behind the headline was the possible intervention by the FCC.  Verizon did not want the FCC poking into their books the same as any regulated company doesn’t.

Whenever I have had a problem with an insurance company and they refused to budge or answer my calls, I always left a message I was calling the Insurance Commissioner’s Office. Usually the problem would go away or after one call from the Commissioner’s office and the problem was resolved.

Two years ago I had a problem with a Time Share company. After a year of frustration not getting answers to my calls and promises never kept, I notified the Attorney General’s office in Delaware which in turn alerted the AG;s office in the state of the timeshare.

After a nasty call from the timeshare my claim was settled within a week.

Companies do a lot of things they are not supposed to do under their charter and they know once an agency comes into play they can look at anything they want, and these companies don’t want that.

You don’t have to take crap from your utility company or any other provider; that’s what these state agencies are for; your protection. Next time you have a problem, write or call the AG’s office, Insurance Commissioner’s Office. If you don’t get a response from them, contact the governor’s office; guaranteed a call from the governor’s office to the agency will get you a response, probably with an apology.


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