Today Iowa is the first of many states to hold a caucus or primary for the next president of the United States, and many are undecided saying there is no prince charming.

Missing this year is the notable lack of attendees at rallies, yard signs and road signs, and most importantly  the door-to-door candidates. Instead candidates are using all the modern media, web-sites, Facebook, tweeter, mailers and TV to touch someone.

Also new this year are the Super PACs, money coming in from unnamed contributors who air attack ads on TV against other candidates without mentioning the candidate they support, but the message although silent has a hint who they support.

Over $12 million in advertising has been spent by candidates, but mostly by the Super PACs.

Yet Iowa voters are struggling to pick the best GOP candidates mainly because the average voter hasn’t seen the candidate. Door to door, a live person, a strong handshake had won many underdogs elections. But can you imagine a Mitt Romney, born with a silver spoon in his mouth going into a middle class section sitting down and talking about his issues and his answer if someone  asks him about raising taxes for the rich?

Or Newt Gingrich, as large and lazy as he is going door to door; Ron Paul at 70+ years doing the same?

For years government has lost contact with the working class; we are not  being heard. Big donors get the ears of the elected officials. As they say, “Love makes the world go ’round, but it’s money that greases the wheels.” And, “Money talks, BS walks.”


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