One of the perks of being a patient at a teaching hospital is they are usually the first with the newest equipment and technology. During the two years taking my bride in and out of the hospital at the U of MD we learned a lot about the body and by involving our local doctors they too were able to have a heads up on the new technology and were able to apply the new procedures to their patients.

After my bride was told she needed a liver transplant we became a student of that organ which we have found out is an organ you can’t live without and the important functions it performs in the body. I always thought a bad liver was the result of alcohol abuse, but it isn’t; my bride was a non-drinker, her failure came from other body and medication causes.

Awful things happen with a bad liver; in the case of my bride all the blood did not filter through her liver so some of the blood would go to the veins in her stomach causing bleeding and loss of blood which led to weekly transfusions, and by monthly lasar treatments in her stomach.

Weight gain was another problem especially toward the end.Two months prior the date of her transplant she had gained 50 lbs of fluid retention. She was an invalid, unable to take care of herself, wheel chair bound. Had the transplant not arrived she had another week to live, said the doctors.

The liver is the only organ that regenerates itself; learned that when they suggested she may be able to find a live donor instead of waiting for a deceased donor.

If you can find a live donor whose has a liver that matches your blood type they snip a bit off the live donor’s liver, and transplant it into the liver of the recipient. Unfortunately her liver was shot and she needed a full liver.

Within 6 weeks the liver of the donor regenerates and becomes its’ original size.

Since the passing of my bride the U. of MD hospital where she was a patient, has developed a newer, safer, less evasive method of taking a snip of the liver from the donor; instead of a large cut, they do it laparoscopic with a small incision.

We have a local lad in Laurel who has a liver going south. Mike Evans, still a young man with hopefully many years ahead of him if he receives a liver. His number on the transplant list are low, although his liver is dying,  so it could take him sometime to receive a liver, possibly not in time. Mike is an employee of Sussex County Government.

His best hope right now is a live liver donor to attach to his liver. If you would like more information please give mike a call at 302-236-0082.  Help save a life.



  1. I had wanted to be consiodered as a donor but I have been told that most states and cetrtainly NY does notr allow non relatives to donate. is this true?

    • Delaware allows family donations, not sure about NY, but I am surprised NY doesn’t allow family; Delaware only has the Dupont family to worry about too much money being donated to family members, NY on the other hand has Wall Street and many industrialists; maybe that’s why.

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