I’m expecting anytime the first of hundreds of emails suggesting legislators have term limits and that will solve the problems of Congress and our local offices. That’s about as dumb as the bogus statement supposedly by Warren Buffett who said the way to solve the budget deficit is to set a constitutional amendment not to pay Congress until they balance the budget. Turns out he didn’t say that, but I got one too many emails on that one.

Now people take a minute and think. TERM Limits: if you are an elected official drawing a salary for a part-time job and I don’t care how much they tell you it’s full time that is BS, would you vote to vote yourself out of a job? Say you’re in your late 40’s or early 50’s, you going to take the chance of having to start all over and look for a real job?

NOT getting paid until you balance the debt. Really, again, who do you think has to vote on not getting paid? You kidding me? This is not a fairy tale people, it’s the real world.

I already know I’m going to be spending hours researching right-wing propaganda email to prove to the person who sent it to me it is a false hood; too bad the thousands who receive  these emails don’t take the time to research them on or Google. Instead they become gospel.

But don’t bother me with such foolishness as something Congress has to vote themselves out of a job….please!!!!



  1. so do you really think our founding fathers intended for career politicians? and why cant they have the same healthcare, retirement, and other benefits that most working people have?

    • Jack you’re killing the messenger; wasn’t there when the founding fathers did their thing; the message was you ain’t gonna get it changed now, certainly not by the legislative branch of government.

  2. We would not need term limits if the people that vote would vote the right way. There should be a general knowledge test that everyone should have to pass in order to be able to have the right to help decide who rules the worlds most powerful country. Just a thought.

  3. Just anything that would qualify someone to know what they even doing! Like 3 simple questions : who did you vote for the last election? What are the names of the two major political parties? What are Liberals and Conservatives! Just sayin! this needs to be done because people are coerced into registering to vote and voting for whoever they are told to! It is amazing how little people know, or care. These people are deciding our leaders not educated voters who care !

  4. Well, Frank I hope you get hundreds, hundreds of thousands of letters about term limits. Your angst is because you agree that career politicians can become drunk with power and they wouldn’t do anything to lose the power? Or, you see how career politicians have contributed to a government that has betrayed the intent of the forefathers, and you don’t believe the people can take back their government?

    Frank, what do you suggest to address the dysfunction of government?

    • Former St. Rep. Charles West answer to term limits was the voters could vote them out of office. 6-pack Joe needs to get their butts off the couch, read the news instead of being glued to the 60 second TV political ad, research the candidates, find out what they have done for them; only then can they cast an intelligent vote. Surprised as political as you are didn’t understand my post that the legislators are never going to change the system. John Hunt is on TV this morning saying Congress must change their minds and pass term limits. I have a bridge I want to sell him. No wonder he only received 1% of the vote last night; he’s in la la land.

  5. I agree that it would be extremely difficult, though not impossible, to implement term limits. While it’s true that presidents’ terms weren’t limited until after FDR, that’s just one office, and it’s easy for lawmakers to agree to restrict one office that they’ll probably never win. Term limits would probably have to be implemented at the local level, on county councils and such.

    It would be much easier for voters to just do their job.

    In fairness, Huntsman only got 1% because he never campaigned in Iowa. Just as Santorum bet the farm on Iowa, and got lucky, Huntsman’s strategy is based on New Hampshire.

    • Agree Chris, I can’t see Congress changing the system, nor really on a local level. I did mention in the post Huntsman didn’t campaign in Iowa and is putting his coins on NH, but I think that was a mistake; he needed the visualbility.

  6. Used to be a strong advocate of term limits but now believe that the problem is much deeper than getting rid of politicians through term limits, or by voting them out. If you replace the entire congress tomorrow then you would be left with a group of novice politicians and the massive bureaucracy that would still exist and would, in effect, run the government. If you get rid of the politicians you have to have some way of getting rid of their staffs at the same time. Otherwise you end up like Jimmy Carter, who came to Washington to make meaningful changes and got stonewalled for 4 years.

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