Republican Liberals and Conservatives are not totally happy with Mitt Romney’s 8-vote win last night in Iowa; Romney himself admitted he would probably finish second and would be happy with that.

Romney spent over $450 dollars for each vote he received, and his campaign was boosted by millions from Super PACs courtesy of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision two years ago that allows unlimited campaign contributions from unnamed donors who can run TV ads and smear your opponent, which Newt Gingrich can attest to after a barrage of negative campaign ads dropped him as the front-runner in Iowa to a 4th place finish in just two weeks.

Unfortunately this is just a preview of what is to come for both political  parties. Now is the time to own a newspaper, radio or TV station because the money for advertising is going to flow freely.

Rich Santorum who spent only $25 per voter finished a strong second. He was completely out of the picture two weeks ago, but latched on to support from the evangelical vote that almost gave him a win.

Ron Paul finished 3rd with 23%, Romney and Santorum finished with 27% each. Not really a good showing for the winner when you win by only 27%. Only Santorum gave a solid performance on his plans to move the economy; the other candidates bashed each other. Texas Governor Rick Perry is going home to pray and access his campaign; he’s burnt toast, as is Michelle Bachman who finished next to last; she too will leave the race.

On to New Hampshire the home state of John Huntsman who didn’t campaign in Iowa and finished a dismal last with 1% of the vote. If he doesn’t have a good showing he will be gone after that vote.

Newt is ticked at Romney, probably knows he’s done, but he is going down fighting vowing to discredit Romney. Romney needs to offer Newt a cabinet post if he becomes president and Newt will quietly quit the campaign and endorse Romney. Remember: politics make strange bed fellows.

If there are any Democrats out there who are licking their chops thinking this infighting assures a Obama re-election think again. I always recall years back when Joe Biden told me Republicans may fight, but on election day “they come home.” Gingrich has already said this morning he would support Romney over Obama although he liken Romney to Obama as a liberal. Go figure!

I have seen many Republicans swear off one of their own, only to tell me later they couldn’t vote for a Democrat. Democrats on the other hand tend to stray. Guess you could say Democrats vote for the best person, not the party?

I think Romney will be the eventual Republican nominee; he is the only candidate that has a chance to defeat Obama.


16 thoughts on “HOW TO GET ELECTED PRESIDENT 2012

  1. I think at least on the national level the diehards of both parties won’t waiver. Fortunately at the state and local levels people can overcome their short sightedness and vote for who in their opinion best represents their interests. I know as a registered democrat I cast votes for several republicans over the years, and now as a registered republican I am sure I will vote for several democrats as well.

  2. Iowa and New Hampshire voters count, but they are a small percentage of the overall vote and I would like to see this played out before a winner is declared. My personal preference is Newt Gingrich, mainly because I feel he has the intellect to move the country’s economy back on course.

    • Newt is the more intelligent of the group; he is truly a conservative and takes on the hard issues. Unfortunately the negative advertising from the Super PACs have tarnished his image even moe than the baggage he already carries, and that is difficut to erase from peoples minds.

      • I too am disaappointed, but as I have said many times the guy that raises the most money will win this election. Obama is already being bashed for not holding his ground and and fighting for reform. Really, with a House that won’t budge on anything, and I imagine little support from Democrats changing the Supreme Courts ruling is mission impossile. When I was Election Commissioner we sent campaign finance reform for passage. The Senate passed it 21-0, it never saw the light of day in the Republican controlled House, was not even introduced and allowed to die in committee. It’s easy to be a Monday morning quarterback, but unless you have been in the game you can’t be critical.

    • No, John and Frank, it just means they preferred someone else at this time. The only real question is how enthusiastically Republicans and independents will support the nominee. I believe that Obama will be the great uniter for the nominee.

      • I agree: None of the above, had it been on the ballot would have won in a landslide. Everyone who has been mentioned as a savior of the Republicans has either been shot down or backed off. I still say Obama by default, especially if the encouraging economic news of today continues. Who wants to go back to what they had before Obama, as bad as things may look now; really?

  3. At this point and time “none of the above” would be my choice as well. That’s exactly why I haven’t watched all the debates etc.etc. I’m still hoping for the darkhorse, but now as the true contenders are staring to emerge, I will start to pay attention.

    • By all means try to listen to them and let me know when they stop bashing each other, the presidents programs, and come up solid alternatives instead of ‘we need to do better’. Really, that’s all you have for me; show me the beef, give me something that will convince me your programs will work better than what we have. Anyone can be critical, but they should also be constructive.

      • I understand where your coming from on the show me front, but didn’t our current president run and win on “we need to do better” platform? He just worded it “hope and change”. Presently I’m hoping we make another change.

  4. I would love to go back to what I had before Obamma. Since he took office I have lost all of my earnings on my retirement that I had accumulated in 8 years.

  5. All I ask of my readers who are critical of our president for some of the changes he is strying to make for what he believes to be for the betterment of the country to let me know when the Republican Presidential candidates, any of them, come out with counter productive ideas how they can do better instead of being critical of the programs, and fighting each other to take the minds off stating the real issues.
    Show me the BEEF! So far I haven’t heard how to cut the debt, excep;t we need to cut the debt, how to create jobs, excet we need economic growth, how to end the wars, oh I forgot, we won’t heard about that one for fear of upsetting our defense contractors who contribute heavily to their campaigns.
    Up ro now do you really feel comfortable one of them can do better with what they have NOY told you what they are going to do?

  6. My only comment to thet would be; why didn’t Obamma focus on some of that instead of an elaborate, complicated health care package that probably not even 10% of the population is in favor of. Republican or democrat, it doesn’t matter all they care about is their own pockets and their own agendas. We are at the mercy of professional politicians and us spouting off on here will not get anything done! I just do not know what we can do except prepare to sustain ourselves and defend what is ours!

    • We can debate this forever; but when I was chairman of the board at Nanticoke Hospital, Bush Sr. was president, healthcare was becoming a big issue; my insurance premiums with BC/BS were jumping 20% a year, Medicare reembursement for the hospitals were being cut; Nanticoke received back only 60 cents from the gov’t for every dollar we spent, so the 40 cents was paid for by those who had insurance as did all hospitals who were also cut.
      It has been going down hill since and no one has had the balls to take the bull by the horn. Clinton and Bush didn’t in their 8 years and the premiums are killing small businesses because we are carrying the non-payers who are increasing each year. While you people are slamming Obama for trying, the other side never offered squat in the form of help, an alternative, just a NO vote on everything he proposed. No bill when first introduced is perfect; social security wasn’t nor was Medicare; they have been ammemded many times and will probably see many more changes. Criticize if you may, but offer a better solution, before you complain.

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