Anyone who has played football knows a good defense is important to winning games as a good offensive line is in protecting the quarterback.

For years since the threat of 9-11 we have been building our military based on the fear of more of those attacks. We have had two wars since then which has had a crippling effect on the federal budget causing cuts in much-needed programs at home.

With severe budget cuts on the horizon, all programs are under the gun for severe budget cuts including at least an 8% cut in military spending and putting tighter budgeting on the Pentagon where too many deals have been made between Congress, the military and defense contractors charging outrageous prices and over budgeting.

Too many high-ranking officers in the Pentagon have been ‘too friendly’ with military contracts in exchange for lucrative jobs when they retire from the service with those they have dealt with.

Each member of Congress will have their pet projects they will try to protect from budget cuts, especially those members who have defense plants in their districts and those who are subject to kick-backs and perks from the military contractors.

There will be those who will argue we are safer now because of the military build-up. However making cuts doesn’t mean we will forget the military’s mission in this country in the long run, however we should concentrate on protecting this country and not worry so much about policing the world. The time to be Big Sugar Daddy is gone, feign for yourself.

Yes we need to continue to supply our allies with supplies, but I can’t see the need for troops overseas; let them be home with their families.

There will be programs I hate to see take cuts; education, healthcare, social programs for those in real need; those programs have already had deep cuts to support the two wars; it’s time for the military to do more with less.


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