As we leave the New Hampshire primaries, Republicans are hoping the presidential candidates use a GPS not only to find their way to their next stop South Carolina, but to find the conservative ideology.

For over a year Republicans have been going from one prospective candidate to another hoping to find their Conservative Savior, only to find a group fighting among themselves.

All are in agreement they want a change in the White House, and are conservatives but they have inserted a word into their vocabulary that is taboo with conservatives; adding to the deficit. All candidates want lower taxes, but non have described a way to cover those tax losses which will lead to a larger deficit.

The leader, Mitt Romney’s tax plan lacks detail and the Tax Policy Center estimates that if the laws don’t change, Romney’s tax policy would reduce revenue by $600 billion in 2015; Gingrich’s tax plan would add $1 trillion to the deficit in 2015 alone; Rick Perry’s tax plan gives the working poor a small break and the very rich a much bigger break

Rick Santorum’ tax plan is as loose a cannon as he is; reduce corporate taxes, allow manufacturers to pay no taxes but doesn’t define who is a manufacturer.

Ron Paul comes in from right field wanting to cut corporate taxes, but nothing on personal taxes. He would pay for those cuts by eliminating five Cabinet agencies, and an untold number of federal employees. Credit Paul for at least telling us how he wold pay for those cuts; the other candidates? Stay tuned!



    • Just so you vote, but don’t look for him to be on the November ballot; and he won’t run as a 3rd party because he knows his son is a rising star in the Republican Party and that would kill his rise.

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