The worst 6 months of the year is when the state legislature is in session; the next worst 6 months is when the state legislature is in session in an election year. That would be this year; worse yet because of reapportionment all 62 seats are up for election.

So, we are going to see a lot of jockeying for front page news, TV coverage and passing laws that will please constituents to get the local vote, and passing laws that help special interest groups, the ones who donate to their campaign coffers. Remember this will be the first election under the new U.S. Supreme Court campaign spending law that allows unlimited contributions without stating where the money comes from.

Already votes are being lined up to bring back a vote to add casinos in the state with the possibility of one for Sussex County; heavy lobbying on that one by contractors, unions, and developers. Another legislator wants to freeze the renewable-portfolio standards imposed on Delaware electric utilities.

Current law required the power companies to increase the amount of energy they obtain from sources like solar, wind and natural gas; by 2025, utilities must glean at least 25 percent of their energy from renewables. Oh, yea I can see checks coming in to that campaign coffer from power companies and municipalities who own plants. So much for our need to be energy independent.

The biggest debate will probably be finances. Like many governments Delaware has a large Medicaid insurance program growing by leaps and bounds because of the weak economy and need to find a way to contain yet keep the $600 million program in addition to funding the government. And in an election year no one wants to raise taxes.

Good Luck.


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