It must have been hell living as a black person prior to the 60’s, the beatings, slavery, having your kids sold off, not being able to eat in fine food establishments, secondary education, and most of all no chance for advancement or for a better life.

Just how far has the black population advanced since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. started his march against black injustice? A lot of effort has been put into programs to help this minority population, some will say the government bent over too far to bring up the standards of the blacks by lowering standards for a more level playing field, populating schools with mixed races hoping to bring up the less educated blacks to the level of white people.

Affirmation  Action, a Federal agenda initiated in the ’60’s was designed to counteract historic discrimination faced by ethnic minorities, women and other under represented groups.  To achieve those goals a lot of entry testing, job requirements had to be lowered.

That experiment has failed; by making education easier, we have not given challenges to those with average or above abilities. But I believe this was the only recourse at the time to help educate the black population and until something better comes along this is the system we live by.

Yes a few more blacks have gone to college, gotten better jobs, and their academic achievements are more visible. However I do not believe with the assistance given by the Federal government the black population has not taken the necessary steps to ‘pull themselves up’ and try to better themselves. In my opinion many blacks live worse and know less than they did when they had less opportunity.

There is no reason for a black person not to be able to obtain a good education and not be able to attend college. In Delaware we have the grant to attend Deltech free if their grades are good and maintained. I didn’t have that opportunity growing up. There are many scholarships for minorities, and the same that the white students apply for. And colleges have financial help for those in need. There is no reason anyone who wants a higher education can’t go to some college.

There are many success stories of people of all colors coming from poor families making it in college and in the job field.

Now, when it comes to the job market I can’t say the job market is an open as it is to the white population. Too many times I have seen more qualified blacks overlooked for a position because of color. That is wrong!  And they usually know why they were overlooked, and that has to hurt.

While I was a young man blacks had more manners than whites; they addressed you as “Mr. or Mrs., yes sir, no sir”, not today’s generation.

I’m not too happy with the white generation either, some we refer to as ‘white trash’ who are also a drain on society. Their manners ‘suck’, their dress code is awful. Some want to blame the mode of dress with today’s youth on the way the blacks dress. Not a selling point with me, some dress better. And how the kids dress, black or white, is the responsibility of the parents; where are they?

Bill Cosby was criticized a few years back for being critical of black men fathering children and walking away not taking responsibility for raising them or paying child support. There is too much of that. I call those cowards, “sperm donors”, worthless as tits on a boar hog. “Man up” is what Judge Joe Brown, a black television personality, often tells the blacks who are on his show.

I do agree with some of my critics that the government goes too far in helping some people. People on drugs need medical help, not more money to purchase drugs. Women who think their body is a baby factory and can’t support them, shouldn’t be having babies; sorry, NO!

Tom Carper when governor had a program where the state paid welfare recipients to attend school, provide a baby sitter and still receive compensation. They were trained how to interview and other knowledge of business, and then helped with job placement.

If the recipient didn’t go to school, they lost their benefits. Guess what; the program worked. Whether the program is still being used I don’t know, but we need more of them. Welfare if used as a temporary crutch until you can get back on your feet, is not a bad thing. I have seen many down on their luck, needed a little help, went back to school with the help of welfare, and are now productive citizens.

What does the future hold? This country has to get their priorities straight; help those who want to help themselves, the others, sorry again, let them fall on their face. Welcome to the real world!



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