Yesterday, if anyone had any doubt between the policies of Republicans and Democrats, it was made very clear when Mitt Romney released some numbers on his taxes after being pressured by other wannabe presidential candidates.

It is now official! Romney’s income is among the top 1 percent of all Americans who pay less in taxes than the average American making $50,000 to $100,000 who are paying much more.  His secretary, maids, pay more in taxes.

And in his words, he only made $360,000 in speaking fees, “But not very much”, in his words.  Damn, MItt, my heart goes out to you, a man worth more than $250 million thinks he’s underpaid, yet a working person making $10 an hour is being squeezed to work more for the same, no insurance or benefits; that seems to b e ok with Republicans. Seems like a level playing field for me….if you are a Republican!

Like Donald Trump whose father left him a small fortune to start him on his real estate empire. Romney’s father was the chairman and president of America Motors who also like Trump never knew what it was to do without.

How can these guys associate with the working person, or have compassion for a person without a job and benefits when they haven’t been there?

If you think Romney as president, who says his Super Pacs will raise $350 million to get him the Republican nomination will give a hoot about the working class, let me know because I have a bridge I will sell you…cheap!


11 thoughts on “BUDDY CAN YOU SPARE ME A DIME?

    • He never tried to hide the fact he was rich; joked about it and about his dad said he would pay for him to win, but damn if he would pay for a landslide?
      I never heard him say he wouldn’t do anything about the tax rate like your bunch of bimbos.

      • All of the “bimbos” have proposals on taxes. You just don’t like any of them (candidates and their prosposals). While I would agree that the evils of some businesses, mainly Wall Street CEOS, are a major problem, the greatest problem facing this country is big government which doesn’t seem to bother you when we have a Democratic president and/or Congress. Is that because you agree with their policies which are bankrupting this country?

  1. Money is not going to buy it with me. I can pretty much say right now I will be voting against Obamma probably with a write in or a for a little known and as yet unnamed third party candidate.

  2. Top 3 richest Americans donate to the Democrat Party, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Larry Ellison. Out of the top 20 richest people 12 list their political views as democratic. Just thought it was interesting that the people who benefit from the Republican tax breaks seems to be on the democrat side.

    • And you point is? You want to check on the other side of the fence and tell me how many are Republicans and contribute to that side.
      Bet we’re not talking apples to apples. Where is this money coming from for the Super PACs, Democrats contributing to Republicans? I think not. Wait till the two parties duke it out; then tell me where the money is coming from. Oh yea, a lot of the big boys play it safe and give some to both sides to cover their butts, but I am willing to bet they are sliding money to Republican Super Pacs where they don’t have to identify themselves. I don’t think you know how dirty this game is. I’ve been there where the money comes in, and know how the game is played.

  3. Frank, my friend, you were close to crossing the line with your “only smart one in the class” comment. If I wasn’t treating you as an equal you would definitely know it.

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