Many Republicans rode the wave, rather tsunami to election in 2010 because of public dissatisfaction with the way the Obama administration was handling the problems facing the country.

Given this mandate many Republicans who won election felt they had the ok to do whatever they wanted. Many of these governors immediately went after the working man moving against unions ending collective-bargaining rights for nearly all public workers which included teachers, fireman, policeman, state employees and others.

Hey this is similar to the Tea Party; cut everyone, cut the social programs, but don’t touch my social security or Medicare.

Wisconsin was one of these states where a Republican governor won; faced with a $3.6 billion deficit he began making cuts, much of which involved concessions by the unions and did balance the budget.

Apparently a balanced budget is ok, again like the Tea Party, but not on their backs. So the unions began a drive to recall the governor; 540,208 signatures are required for a recall, which amounts to 23 percent of the state’s eligible voters. More than twice that amount of signatures were collected for a recall of the governor.

The governors supporter would have to successfully challenge about 46 percent of the signatures to stop a recall election, in which the governor likely would run against a yet-to-be Democratic challenger.



  1. And who is going to examine every one of those supposed million + signatures to make sure that they are legitament, ie; several people did not just sit down and make up and sign names or they gave the sheets to union halls and had them sign them with just as many fake name as they could come up with, make sure that people did not sign twice etc. etc. etc. Two biggest problems here are that the Government is involved and labor unions are involved, deadly combination any way you slice it! Just who is going to legitamitize this whole thing??? WHO???

  2. Same as we do here John; the Board of Elections verifies every signature; it’s computerized, not a big deal. There will be a certain percentage thrown out, but with 500,000 over the needed 540,000, I’d say a recall is coming.

    • Ye who has no faith in technology. You would be surprised how far we in DE have come in Elections with technology. I was awarded $18 million under the Help America Vote Act, and I invested heavily in new technology. Christine O’Donnell had 18,000 write in votes for her U.S. Senate bid and we had them counted in a few days. We had two candidates for president who wanted to get on the ballott and they had to get signatures, just a few hundred, but we had then certified in less than an hour.
      So if we can do it others can as well. It used to take hours to do absentee ballots, now just minutes. Use to be done at the polls, now in the 3 state Election offices.

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