In 2002 while I was State Election Commissioner, the Bush administration after he was elected in the controversal presidential election, established the Help America Vote Act which was a complete make-over in the way we run our elections which included much reform.

There was a lot of voter fraud in that election, many minorities were denied the right to vote especially in the southern states. Many states, again mostly southern states to scare off the minority vote which traditionally votes Democratic made it mandatory for a voter to have a photo ID to vote.

Their argument is anyone should have one; you need it for check cashing, a driver’s license, etc. Problem was many minorities had access to neither, a car or checking account.

So the new law gave everyone who was registered a voting card and allowed many types of ID; utility bill, envelope with your mailing address, tax bills, etc. This has worked for 5 elections; voter fraud is almost non-existent; if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Really, you’d think, but several states want to go back to the good ole days when minorities couldn’t vote. I’m a little suspicious for their reasons especially since they all have governors who are Republican.

Their political spin makes it sound like they are protecting their citizens from voter fraud; only problem is they can’t show there is any fraud in voting in those states. So, one is led to believe they want to know the Democrat vote, a lot of which lies with Democrats, so the Republican Party can maintain control of their respective states.

Some of the states have had court cases stating what they are doing is illegal contrary to the voting act, but there is the law and then there is the Republican law, do as I say not as I do.



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