Delaware House Republicans failed to join several southern states in an effort to deter minorities from voting as Democrats defeated HB 199 and 200.

All Republican House members signed onto the bills that would have required photo ID to be eligible to vote. The Help America To Vote bill, (HAVA) passed in the Bush administration gave every voter the right to vote as long as proof of residency was provided, and a photo was not required.

If a voter does not have ID and are on the election district’s voter rolls, they have to sign an affidavit attesting they are who they say they are; those affidavits are reviewed for accuracy.

I am shocked at this action by the Republicans, many who claim to be Christians that they would take away a person’s right to vote. Shame on them!!  Our country was founded on that right and besides ones dignity that is the only right we shouldn’t have taken away from us.

The Republicans used the same identical story they used in the other states, word for word; identification is required , going through airport security, boarding a train, or purchasing cough medicine, and even through in that ID is needed when entering the state’s Capital building.

Democrats countered those examples cannot be compared to people’s constitutional right to vote and that the legislation wold suppress the vote of the elderly and “scare” other voters from going to the polls.

Republicans say they are for the Constitution, but I’m beginning to believe they are for the Constitution when it suits their needs. They seem to want to stoop to the gutter to gain access to the White House and control the state legislatures.

I don’t care about your politics, but aren’t you a little scared just how far the Republicans will go to take away your rights if they are in control of this country. Remember the Patriot Bill where they can go into your home and spy on you? That was a Bush bill!

The choice is yours in November. Be careful what you wish for.



  1. Did the General Assembly vote these bills down, or were they shut down in a five-member committee by three Democrats? Did our elected representatives even have an opportunity to vote on this legislation?

    I’m asking rhetorical questions. The bills were tabled in committee by a 3-2 party-line vote. If I didn’t know better, I’d assume from your post that the elected representatives of Delaware actually voted against this legislation. Not so.

    You might be surprised to learn that I’m not in favor of the bills. But neither am I in favor of the House Majority Leader deciding that our elected representatives will not be allowed to vote for or against them. This “backroom governing” is sneaky and cowardly; there’s not a single good reason to deny a bill with seventeen cosponsors a fair up or down vote.

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