How low can one stoop to gain the presidential nomination? The way the Republican race is going in South Carolina, I would say throwing your mom under the bus is not out of the question.

Newt Gingrich,  trailing front-runner Mitt Romney has hit a nerve in South Carolina using the race card and apparently the voters are buying it as Newt is closing in on Romney in the polls.

In a state where 45% of the population is Evangelical Protestant Newt made a pitch that earned him a standing ovation during a presidential debate on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. So enthused by his reception to his comments he now has a TV ad quoting his remarks.

Newt accused President Obama as a “food stamp president” and that poor people should want pay-checks, not handouts. Really? Where was he when he was the speaker of the House, and the Republicans controlled both Houses. I don’t recall any movement to encourage more jobs.

He says now he is going to ‘continue’ to find ways to help poor people learn how to get a job, learn how to get a better job and learn someday to own the job. Really, continue, when did you start Newt?

Where were you when the president tried to get his jobs bill passed Mr. Newt?

Comments like that from Gingrich and the other Republican candidates stoking the fire of racism giving concerns among some blacks that the political discourse is rewinding to the days of “Southern strategy” campaigning that uses blacks as scapegoats to attract white votes.

South Carolina is also one of the seven states that recently passed legislation requiring photo ID’s, another slap in the face to minorities who usually don’t have a driver’s license, therefore would not be allowed to vote. Denying anyone the right to vote is shameful; I should spit on them. My dad came to this country to escape dictatorship and the freedom to vote.  How awful to deny a person their right to vote.

I had a little faith in Newt, liked some of his ideas, but he has lost my respect. To show he could reach further down  the bottom of the barrel, he stated after she gave him an endorsement, that he would find a position for Sara Palin in his administration if he were elected.

Look out mom Gingrich, you’re the next one to get thrown under the bus. You think serving his former wife divorce papers while she was in the hospital low, we ain’t seen nothing yet from this guy. Hey Newt, the devil is waiting to see you outside your office. Has he got a deal for you!


5 thoughts on “HOW LOW CAN YOU GO

  1. Unfortunately there are those that do not deserve the right to vote. That is how we wound in the mess we are currently in. It should be required that you at least be smart enough to know who you are voting for, and why!!!

    • John read what you just wrote; 40% of each party votes party lines regardless of who their candidate is; the majority probably doesn’t know enough about the candidate to give an intelligent reason why they vote for a candidate. The other percentage probably just vote for a personality; that leaves 99% of the people leaving you as the only one who knows the right person to vote for.

  2. So if the country is split roughly 50/50 dem/rep that means that 80% are voting party lines no matter what and the 20% that either don’t know or don’t care are deciding who runs the country!!!

    • You got it! Check the voting records, you’ll see the same patern no matter how bad the candate is, they will usually receive the same percentage as their party base. It’s really the independents that swing an election.

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