Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich pulled a stunning upset victory in the conservative Evangelical SC primary over favorite Mitt Romney Saturday.

Romney who learner earlier this week after a recount of the Iowa Primary that he lost to Rick Santorum is now 2-2 in the primaries; Gingrich who was leading in the polls in Iowa only to be knocked off by a hefty negative ad campaign by Romney Super PAC supporters has won his first primary after finishing near the bottom in the first three.

Gingrich pounded Romney saying he was the true conservative, and Romney was a flip-flopping moderate. Exit polls reported over 60 percent of those who voted said they were Evangelica.

So what did the American people learn from this primary how they would solve the woes they say this country is suffering from? Nothing more than we heard about a platform from the other 3 primaries.

We did learn from one of Gingrich’s wives that he likes to sleep around even when he’s married, and Romney thinks he doesn’t earn enough from speaking engagements that earned him over $360,000 last year, and that he, a multimillionaire pays less in income taxes than his butlers.

I can’t wait to see what I learn in the future primaries.



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