I often asked my dad when I was working by his side in his shoe repair business, Why do countries dislike us after all the foreign aid we give them.

Dad, who left his homeland, Sicily, to escape poor working and living conditions and the dictatorship of Benito Mussolini traveled 3000 miles and took odd jobs in several countries to come to America, finally walking off the ship in San Fransisco and never looked back.

Maybe you can understand my sympathy all illegal aliens are not bad people looking for a hand-out, some are looking for a future.

Dad was a very observant person and intelligent for not having more than a 6th grade education; he was from the school of hard knocks that taught common sense.

He said in most of the poorer nations, usually controlled by a dictatorship when American aid came in either in the form of food, goods, and money the dictators took the bulk for their families and friends, and a trickle went to help the poor, and most of that went to the people helping the poor.

Most of these countries had oil and mineral rights leased by American companies. For the right of these companies to operate in these foreign lands, the American aid was a pay-off for protection of the American companies.

Dad saw oil refineries with people making 25 cents a day, while outside the refineries  people were living in cardboard shacks and tents barely able to get by. “That’s why they hate us.” he would tell me, “because the aid is not going to them and they know it.”

A few years ago disaster struck in Hati, a poor country to begin with and a government about as swift as their people. Americans as individuals and our government pumped billions of dollars into Hati to help restore utilities, homes, schools and their economy.

Recently I found out through news reports only 17% of the aid given to Hati was given to the government; the balance went to other agencies, whoever they may be to work on their own, unsuccessfully apparently because the state of affairs in Hati is just as bad as when disaster hit.

The agencies are not collaborating with each other; for example one agency built a new school, but they don’t have the money to hire teachers, so the school sits empty.

Homes are not being built to handle the homeless, tent cities are everywhere; no water, a terrible health hazard.

You don’t think these homeless people are looking to America and thinking where the F@#K is the aid from America you promised?

I have come to believe a lot of these goody-goody agencies that go down there under the pretense to help are lining their own pockets, not all of them, but only 17% is going directly to the government for help? I wonder how much of that 17% is going to the government, and how much of a kick back does the leadership get from this other organizations to allow them to have contracts in Hati?

Again my argument should we spending so much money abroad, not knowing where the aid goes, or spending that money in this country where at least we have some control over the spending?



  1. have to agree with you on this. how neat to think your dad actually lived under Mussolini. Such a figure from history and you had first hand truths of his horrors.

    • Dad was an interesting person; He worked in the sugar cane fields in Austraila, Iran when the Shah was dictator, Cuba when Bastic was dictator; I learned so much. I was lucky I learned things never seen in the history books. When most of these dictators fell and our American Government felt badly, dad knew better.

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